Cyrus Dioun (2010)

Research Interests:  Organizational Theory, Economic Sociology, Computational Methods, Organizational Stigma, Law and Society, Social Movements

Cyrus Dioun’s studies the relationship between politics, culture, and the emergence and legitimation of new industries. His research covers a number of new and contested industries, ranging from legal cannabis markets to the do-it-yourself maker field. His work has been published in journals, such as Socio-Economic Review and Research in the Sociology of Organizations, and cited by Time Magazine, The Hill, ABC News, and The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Prior to starting at the University of Colorado Denver, Professor Dioun was a Data Science Fellow at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS). He has also worked with or consulted for tech startups, business incubators, and real estate developers.


Dissertation Title: 
Strategic Responses to Stigma and Uncertainty: Three Essays on the Cannabis Industry