Dani Carrillo

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Immigration, Race/Ethnicity, Urban Sociology
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Dani Carrillo is a 6th year graduate student in the fields of immigration, race/ethnicity, and urban sociology. She is originally from Chicago Heights, IL, and graduated with a BA in Sociology and French Literature from Pomona College in 2010. For her Master’s research, she analyzed the Trajectories and Origins survey in France, and she found that exclusion, and more specifically religious exclusion, hinders citizenship behavior.

Her dissertation research focuses back to the United States, where she explores how Spanish-speaking immigrants use their networks to navigate social services in a suburban versus urban sphere.  She combines in-depth interviews and participant observation for this study. This academic year, she serves as a Graduate Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Societal Issues.


 "This Food Fight is Personal." Editorial. The Los Angeles Times, April 14th, 2010

“Politics and Group Belonging: Predictors of Naturalisation Behaviour in France.” 2015. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies


Unity out of Adversity: Non Profit Organizations' Collaborative Strategies to Serve Immigrants in Bay Area Suburbs - ISSI Working Paper Series

On-call job, on-call family: The necessity of family support among retail workers with unstable work schedules - Washington Center for Equitable Growth

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