Edwin Ackerman

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Research Interests: 
political sociology; political parties; post-revolutionary state formation; comparative-historical sociology; social theory; Latin America; immigration; illegality
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Curriculum Vitae: 

I am a political sociologist with an emphasis on comparative-historical methods and social theory. My dissertation explains how mass political parties emerge. In broader terms, my research explores how interactions between state and civil society shape the formation of political identities. I have studied this process in the context of debates over ‘illegal’ immigration in the U.S. as well as political party formation in Latin America. My work has appeared in Ethnic and Racial Studies, the Journal of Language and Politics, Contexts, and Jacobin, among other publications. I am a recipient of a Ford Fellowship among other awards and honors. 

PhD Date:: 
May, 2016
Dissertation Title: 
Mass Party Formation: Land, Civil Society, and Party Organization in Post-Revolutionary Mexico and Bolivia
Dissertation Committee: 
Dylan Riley, chair; Peter Evans; Margaret Chowning (History Dpt)