Jonah Stuart Brundage

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Research Interests: 
Political sociology; economic sociology; historical and comparative sociology; global and transnational sociology; sociology of elites; social theory; sociology of culture
Curriculum Vitae: 

Jonah Stuart Brundage is a PhD candidate in sociology at the University of California-Berkeley. His research employs historical and comparative methods to study interrelated processes of state formation, elite reproduction, and geopolitical conflict and cooperation. He is currently completing a dissertation that analyzes eighteenth-century French and British diplomacy in connection to the emergence of modern state structures and the rise of capitalism. He has also written on the role of the Federal Reserve in the 2008 financial crisis, on elites’ shifting relationship to violence in early modern England, and on historical-comparative research methods. His work has been published in the American Sociological Review and Comparative Studies in Society and History.

PhD Date:: 
May, 2019
Dissertation Title: 
The Social Sources of Geopolitical Power: State Forms, Elite Dispositions, and Diplomacy in France and Britain, 1689–1789
Dissertation Committee: 
Dylan Riley (Chair); Neil Fligstein; Victoria Bonnell; Peter Sahlins (History)