Peter Hepburn

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Research Interests: 
occupations and work; family; stratification; mass incarceration; poverty and urban sociology; demography
Curriculum Vitae: 

My research focuses on stratification processes related to family, work, and childcare. In my dissertation project, I explore ways that employment practices and public policies limit support available to children and low-income families. I focus on working parents with nonstandard or unstable schedules; children who receive less developmentally supportive or more disruptive care because of the shifts that their parents work; and the relatives who step in to care for these kids when other providers aren’t available. I use new methods and novel data to more effectively measure and analyze the difficulties that these families face in the U.S. today.

PhD Date:: 
May, 2018
Dissertation Title: 
Limited Resources, Little Time: Work, Family, and Child Care Challenges Facing Low-Income Households
Dissertation Committee: 
Sandra Smith (chair), Jennifer Johnson-Hanks, David Harding, Daniel Schneider