Kara Young (2007)

Kara's academic work interrogates how inequalities of race, class, and place shape people's daily food consumption practices and food related health aspirations in urban contexts. She has expertise in urban food disparities, the sociology of racial and gender, the sociology of emotions, social theory, and qualitative research methods. ‚Äč

Along with her academic work on food and inequality, Kara has nine years of experience organizing around food systems and social justice issues. Kara has served as a fellow with the Berkeley Food Institute, the Center for Research on Social Change, and the Community Food and Justice Coalition.  She is currently the urban food disparities expert for the  Initiative for Food and AgriCultural Transformations (InFact) at Ohio State.

Dissertation Title: 
Eating Aspirations, Eating Abjections: How Race, Class, and Place Shape Food Consumption Practices in Two Neighborhoods of Oakland, California