David Matza

Professor Emeritus
Research Interests: 
Deviant behavior, social change, poverty and working class life

Professor Emeritus Department of Sociology University of California, Berkeley Born in New York City, May 1, 1930


B.A., College ( now University) of the City of New York, 1953

M.A. Princeton University, 1955

Ph.D. Princeton University, 1959, Department of Economics and Sociology

Post-Doctoral Fellow in program for Behavioral Science and Law, University of Chicago Law School, 1960-'61

Teaching Experience:

Temple University, Instructor, 1957-1959

University of California, Berkeley, Assistant, Associate,Full and Emeritus Professor, 1961-present

Professional Positions:

Book Review Editor, Journal of Criminal Law and Police Science, 1961-1962

Book Review Editor, American Sociological Review, 1962-1965


Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Program For Behavioral Science and Law, U. of Chicago Law School

C. Wright Mills Award, 1966, for Delinquency and Drift

Guggenheim Fellowship, 1967-1968

Representative Publications: 


1969 Becoming Deviant, Prentice-Hall

1964 Delinquency and Drift, John Wiley

Published Articles and Chapters

2003 "Controlling Drug Use: The Great Prohibition" (with Patricia Morgan) a chapter in Punishment and Social Control (edited by Thomas Blomberg and Stanley Cohen), Aldine De Gruyter

1980 "The Ordeal of Consciousness" (with David Wellman), January

1979 "Field Research and the Protection of Human Subjects" (with Troy Duster and David Wellman) American Sociologist, Volume 14, Number 3, August

1978 "Worker Writers" (with David Wellman) in Theory and Society

1978 " George Benet's A Place in Colusa, San Pedro California" (with David Wellman), Theory and Society

1978 "The ILWU Wouldn't Load Them" (with David Wellman), The Nation, September

1976 "Poverty and Proletariat" (with Henry Miller) Contemporary Social Problems, Fourth Edition (Edited by Robert Merton and Robert Nisbet)

1971 "Poverty and Disrepute" (revision), Third Edition of Contemporary Social Problems, (edited by Robert Merton and Robert Nisbet)

1970 "Dialogue with David Matza", Interview by Joseph G. Weiss, Issues of Criminology, Volume 6, Number 1, Winter

1970 "Rebellious Youth: 1969", Youth and Society, Volume 1, #4, June .

1966 "Poverty and Disrepute", a chapter in Contemporary Social Problems, Revised Edition, (Edited by Robert Merton and Robert Nisbet), Harcourt, Brace and World

1966 "The Disreputable Poor" in Class, Status and Power, Revised Edition, edited by Reinhard Bendix and Seymour Martin Lipset) Aldine

1964 "Position and Behavior Patterns of Youth", Chapter in Handbook of Modern Sociology (edited by Robert Faris) Rand-McNally

1961 "Juvenile Delinquency and Subterranean Values" (with Gresham Sykes) American Sociological Review, Volume 26

1961 "Subterranean Traditions of Youth", The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Volume 338

1959 "The Extent of Delinquency in the United States" (with Negley Teeters), The Journal of Negro Education, Summer

1957 "Techniques of Neutralization" (with Gresham Sykes), American Sociological Review, Volume 22

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