Student Groups and Workshops

Graduate Student Workshops


Methods and Epistemology in the Social Sciences (MESS):

This group focuses on reading both contemporary and past scholarship on the theoretic and pragmatic basis of sociological methods. The readings will aim to deal equally with both how to think about things and about what to do. In addition it will serve as a venue for both graduate students and faculty to present ongoing research and the specific challenges they have faced in the field or in their investigation.

Meets biweekly during the semester in Barrows 420, every other Thursday at 2pm.

Contact Samuel R. Lucas for more information.


Science, Technology and Society (STS):

This group offers an interdisciplinary venue to discuss readings and work in progress in the field of STS. In addition to graduate students from various Berkley departments (such as Anthropology, Biology, Education, Environmental Science, Policy and Management, Ethnic Studies, History and Sociology) the Working Group includes visiting scholars from abroad. Full details can be found at the group's website

The group meets in Stephens 470, times TBD.

Contact Santiago J. Molina, for more information.


Reproductive Justice Working Group.  This meets year round, run by Professor Kristin Luker. Check the website   Contact person is


MAXSoc (Mathematical, Analytical, Experimental Sociology) coordinated by Andrei Boutyline


Archival Methods Working Group.  Contact Berth Pearson


The University of California Social Networks Project for faculty and students involved in developing and using the NIA-funded survey on personal networks). Directed by Professors Claude Fischer, and Leora Lawton. Contact


Job Market Workshop  for graduate students. Click the link for details, slides and PDFs.


Gender Workshop.  Meets regularly throughout the semester.  Contact Professor Raka Ray.


Latin America Workshop. Meets regularly through the semester. Contact Professor Laura Enriquez.


Interdisciplinary Immigration Workshop  Open to grad students in any discipline, as well as visiting scholars, post-docs and faculty with an interest in migration, any historical period, any place on the globe. Professors Irene Bloemraad and Cybelle Fox run the workshop. Graduate student coordinator is Esther Cho (  Website:


Global and Transnational Sociology Workshop meets biweekly. Contact Professor John Lie


Korean Society and Culture Workshop meets biweekly. Contact Professor John Lie


Workshop on Culture, Organizations, and Politics   Contact Professor Neil Fligstein


Race/Ethnicity and Inequality (REIW) Workshop coordinated by Zawadi Rucks Ahidiana