• 1/25 Michael Burawoy:  Sociology and Social Crisis
  • 2/1 Dylan Riley:  The 18th Brumaire of Donald Trump
  • 2/8 Sam Lucas: Inconvenient Facts and Political Action: On Respecting Weber while Embracing Marx
  • 2/15 Cristina Mora: Immigration facts, fictions, and feelings in the Trump era
  • 2/22 Laura Enriquez: The Political Impact of Income Inequality
  • 3/1 Ann Swidler: Loosening institutional constraints on political conflict
  • 3/8 Raka Ray: Men, Masculinity, and Moral Capital
  • 3/15 Cihan Tugal:  Why was the Left Unequipped to Address the Global Fall of Liberalism? Dynamics of ‘Autonomist’ Retreat and Populist Surge
  • 3/22 Karen Barkey: The Trump Era: Implications for the Middle East
  • 4/5 Kim Voss: What future for the American Labor Movement?
  • 4/12 Sandra Smith and Dave Harding: Criminal Justice Reform in the Era of Trump: What Does the Future Hold?
  • 4/19 Danny Schneider: Regulating Labor Practices at the Local Level: The Case of Fair Scheduling
  • 4/26 Neil Fligstein:  Implications for the economy and international trade