Visiting Faculty

Name Contact Information Special Interests
Jill A. Bakehorn
Drop In: Tuesday 11am-12pm; Sign-up: Tuesday and Thursday 1-2:30pm
Gender, Sexuality, Fringe Cultures, Sex Work, Food
Andrew Barlow
Continuing Lecturer
Thursday 4-5pm
Sociology of race and ethnicity, economic sociology, sociology of law
Christoph Hermann
Monday 12-1pm, Friday 2-3pm
Economic and political sociology, sociology of work, commodification, European integration
Linus Huang
Continuing Lecturer
Monday 3:30-5:30pm
Organizations, work, sports, technology & society
Szonja Ivester
Wednesday 4-6pm, or by appointment
social inequality, class analysis, gender, political elites, globalization, socialist societies
John W Kaiser
By appointment
medical sociology, care delivery, social psychology, gender, culture, theories of human freedom
Mary E Kelsey
Continuing Lecturer
Poverty and welfare policies, race, family, qualitative research methods
Edwin Lin
Tuesday 8-9am, 11am-2pm, 3:30-4:50pm; Thursday 8-10am
culture, economic development, South Africa, immigration
Laura Nathan
Tuesday 10-11am, Thursday 1-2pm
Shira Offer
Visiting Professor personal networks, work and family, gender relations, social inequality and poverty
Tiffany L. Page
Wednesday 11:00-1:00pm and by appointment at Free Speech Movement Cafe
Brian Powers
Continuing Lecturer
Monday, Wednesday 1-2.30pm; other appts. Use
Education, stratification, organizations, political sociology, and social psychology
Joanna Reed
(510) 643-2803
Tuesday, Thursday 8-9:30am, 101 Barker; Tuesday 10am-12pm
families, inequality, social policy, gender, neighborhoods