Mao-Mei Liu

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Lecturer, Department of Sociology, University of California Berkeley
Visiting Scholar, Population Studies and Training Center, Brown University
Research Interests: 
Migration, Family, Inequality, Gender, Social networks
477 Barrows
Representative Publications: 

Liu, Mao-Mei. (2013). Migrant Networks and International Migration: Testing Weak Ties. Demography 50:1243–1277

Liu, Mao-Mei, Mathew J. Creighton, Fernando Riosmena, Pau Baizán. (2016) Prospects for the Comparative Study of International Migration using quasi-longitudinal and longitudinal micro-data. Demographic Research 35: 745-782

Liu, Mao-Mei, Fernando Riosmena and Mathew J. Creighton. (2018 in press) Family Position and Family Networks in Mexican and Senegalese Migration. Population, Space and Place

Liu, Mao-Mei. [revise & resubmit] Daring to Migrate: Legal Status, Networks, and Senegalese Migration to Europe.

Lindstrom, David P. and Mao-Mei Liu. [revise & resubmit] Gender, Parents & Family networks in Adolescent Health-Seeking Behavior in Ethiopia.

Liu, Mao-Mei and David P. Lindstrom. [under review] Enduring Family Migration Networks across the Life Course: the case of Senegal.

Liu, Mao-Mei and Michael J. White. [under review] Race and Migrant Status: Immigrant Integration in Urban South Africa.