Natalie Ingraham

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Research Interests: 
medical sociology, embodiment, fat studies, sexuality, gender, health
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Curriculum Vitae: 

Natalie Ingraham, PhD, MPH earned her PhD in Sociology from UC San Francisco in 2016. She is currently a sociology faculty lecturer at both UC Berkeley and CSU East Bay. She also conducts qualitative research on gender and reproductive health as a staff research associate at Advancing New Standards in Reproduction Health (ANSIRH)at UCSF and in the Dept. of Social Welfare at UC Berkeley. She is interested in the intersections of body size, gender, sexuality and health. Her dissertation examined three data sets at this intersection: sin and redemption narratives on fatness in The Biggest Loser, body size experiences of lesbian and bisexual women over 40 and a situational analysis of Health at Every Size. 

Representative Publications: 

Ingraham, N., Harbatkin, D., Lorvick, J., Plumb, M. & Minnis AM.2016. Women’s Health and Mindfulness (WHAM): A Randomized Intervention among Older Lesbian/Bisexual Women. Health Promotion & Practice.          

Ingraham, N., Pratt, V., & Gorton, N. 2015. Counting Trans* Patients: A Community Health Center Case Study. Transgender Studies Quarterly, 2(1): 136-147

Satinsky, Sonya. & Ingraham, Natalie. 2014. At the intersection of Public Health and Fat Studies: Critical perspectives on the measurement of body size. Journal of Fat Studies, 3(2). DOI: 10.1080/21604851.2014.889505.

Ingraham, Natalie., Roberts. Sarah & Weitz, Tracy. 2014. Prior Family Planning Experiences of Obese Women Seeking Abortion Care. Women’s Health Issues, 24(1), e125-e130.        

Ingraham, Natalie. 2013. Queering Pornography Through Qualitative Methods. International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches. 3969-3992