Berkeley Grad Students Win ASA Awards

Berkeley Graduate Students have won multipe awards for their research at this year's Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association in Seattle.

  • David Showalter, Section on Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco Graduate Student Paper Award for "Social Crisis and Symbolic Power: Institutionalizing Syringe Exchange in California." 
  • Alex Roehrkasse, Section on Economic Sociology  Burt Award for Best Graduate Student Paper AND Honorable Mention, Crime Law and Deviance Section Student Paper Award for "The Abolition of Imprisonment for Debt: Market Development, State Formation, and the Moral Politics of Credit."
  • Fabiana Silva, Honorable Mention, Section on Inequality, Poverty and Mobility Student Paper Award for "The Strength of Whites' Ties: How Employers Reward the Referrals of Black and White Jobseekers."
  • Katherine Maich, Labor and Labor Movements Student Paper Award for "Collective [Dis] Empowerment: Gendered Divisions and the Organization of Worker Centers."
  • Orestes "Pat" Hastings, Section on Sociology of Religion Student Paper Award for "Not a Lonely Crowd? Social Connectedness, Religious Service Attendance, and the Spritual But Not Religious." (Social Science Research 2016)
  • Orestes "Pat" Hastings, Social Psychology Section Graduate Student Paper Award for "The Psychological Effects of Income Inequality."
  • Benjamin Shestakofsky, James D. Thompson Award from the section on Organizations, Occupations, and Work for "High-Tech and High-Touch: The Labor Behind the Screens of an Online Market."