Caleb Scoville publishes article with coauthor Razvan Amironesei in Theory, Culture & Society.

Caleb Scoville has published the article "Groundwater in California: From Juridical and Biopolitical Governmentality to a Political Physics of Vital Processes" with coauthor Razvan Amironesei in Theory, Culture & Society.

Abstract: This article analyzes the emergence of a political rationality of groundwater in contemporary California. It contrasts a new government of nature that we call a ‘political physics of vital processes’, operative in the case of the Orange County Water District, with juridical and biopolitical rationalities of groundwater governance. To do so, we propose a genealogical account grounded in a reading of a key concept in Aristotle’s first book of Politics. The case is analyzed along the axes of subjectivity, space, and temporality, opening to a novel way of conceptualizing the relation between power and nature.