Mark Toney (1995)

Since January 2008, Mark Toney has provided leadership to TURN, a 38 year old consumer advocacy organization with a staff of 18, including 10 attorneys. TURN champions affordable, equitable, and sustainable energy, telecom, and other utility services for residential and small business consumers primarily in California. TURN wins consumer justice through legal intervention at the California Public Utilities Commission, political advocacy, and community organizing.

Andrew Perrin (1995)

I came to Berkeley and to sociology after only a year away from college, and I came to it in a rather backward way. Knowing little about the institutional structure of the field, or what it would mean to get a Berkeley Ph.D., I followed the advice of mentors who said it would be a good place for me. They were right -- my socialization into being a sociologist, and being a Berkeley sociologist, opened new intellectual doors for me, and I consider it an excellent decision.


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