2020 Fall SOCIOL 139H 001 LEC 001

Selected Topics in Social Inequality: Health & Wealth

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2020 Fall
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TuTh 12:30pm - 1:59pm
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The underlying principle of meritocracy is that everyone should have an equal opportunity to put their life plans in action. When structural barriers get in the way of such human flourishing, we think of them as unjust. Being in good health and of sound mind are two core requirements of a life well-lived. Without them, all other attempts at fair play (such as those in the distribution of income and other valued resources) are likely to fail. It makes good sense, therefore, to pay close attention to the relationship between health and wealth. Such a study has important scholarly and policy implications. We will participate in precisely this kind of inquiry during the semester. We will ask: What are the social determinants of health?