Daniel Schneider selected as a 2018 William T. Grant Scholar

Assistant Professor of Sociology Daniel Schneider has been named a 2018 William T. Grant Scholar.  Schneider is one of six early career researchers nationally and across fields to receive the award this year.  As a W.T. Grant Scholar, Schneider will investigate the effects of having a parent who works a low-wage job with an unstable and unpredictable work schedule on child health and wellbeing.  He will also assess the effects of policies designed to regulate unstable and unpredictable work scheduling practices on workers and their families.

Schneider will collect survey data from service sector workers employed at over 100 large firms in the United States, with oversamples of workers in cities and states that have recently passed laws to regulate scheduling practices.  The survey will include detailed information on work scheduling, household economic insecurity, parenting, and child health and wellbeing.

The Scholars award will provide Schneider with $350,000 in funding over five years to conduct this research and to receive mentoring from two senior scholars. Ariel Kalil, Professor at the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago who will mentor him in the field of child development.  He will also receive mentorship from Hilary Hoynes, Professor of Public Policy and Economics and Haas Distinguished Chair in Economic Disparities at UC Berkeley who will mentor him on causal inference and program evaluation.

More information about Schneider’s ongoing research on precarious work and wellbeing can be found at https://shift.berkeley.edu/