Christopher Muller

Christopher Muller

Assistant Professor
496 Barrows Hall
Curriculum Vitae
Research Interests
Inequality, Incarceration, Historical Sociology, Social Theory

I study the historical origins of racial and class inequality in incarceration in the United States; the social consequences of imprisonment, sharecropping, and tenant farming; the causes and effects of environmental inequality; and the decline in mortality in the early twentieth century. I am generally interested in historical approaches to the study of inequality.


Representative Publications

Christopher Muller and Daniel Schrage. 2019. "The Political Economy of Incarceration in the U.S. South, 1910-1925: Evidence From a Shock to Tenancy and Sharecropping." IRLE Working Paper No. 105-19.

James J. Feigenbaum, Christopher Muller, and Elizabeth Wrigley-Field. 2019. "Regional and Racial Inequality in Infectious Disease Mortality in U.S. Cities, 1900-1948." Demography 56:1371-1388.

Peter K. Enns, Youngmin Yi, Megan Comfort, Alyssa W. Goldman, Hedwig Lee, Christopher Muller, Sara Wakefield, Emily A. Wang, and Christopher Wildeman. 2019. "What Percentage of Americans Have Ever Had a Family Member Incarcerated?: Evidence from the Family History of Incarceration Survey (FamHIS)." Socius 5:1-45.

Christopher Muller. 2018. "Freedom and Convict Leasing in the Postbellum South." American Journal of Sociology 124:367-405.

Christopher Muller, Robert J. Sampson, and Alix S. Winter. 2018. "Environmental Inequality: The Social Causes and Consequences of Lead Exposure." Annual Review of Sociology 44:263-282.

Jonathan L. Zelner, Christopher Muller, and James J. Feigenbaum. 2017. "Racial Inequality in the Annual Risk of Tuberculosis Infection in the United States, 1910-1933." Epidemiology & Infection 145:1797-1804. 

Deirdre Bloome, James J. Feigenbaum, and Christopher Muller. 2017. "Tenancy, Marriage, and the Boll Weevil Infestation, 1892-1930." Demography 54:1029-1049.

Christopher Muller and Christopher Wildeman. 2016. "Geographic Variation in the Cumulative Risk of Imprisonment and Parental Imprisonment in the United States." Demography 53:1499-1509.

James J. Feigenbaum and Christopher Muller. 2016. "Lead Exposure and Violent Crime in the Early Twentieth Century." Explorations in Economic History 62:51-86.

Deirdre Bloome and Christopher Muller. 2015. "Tenancy and African American Marriage in the Postbellum South." Demography 52:1409-1430.

Christopher Muller and Daniel Schrage. 2014. "Mass Imprisonment and Trust in the Law." Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 651:139-158.

Bruce Western and Christopher Muller. 2013. "Mass Incarceration, Macrosociology, and the Poor." Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 647:166-189.

Christopher Muller. 2012. "Northward Migration and the Rise of Racial Disparity in American Incarceration, 1880-1950." American Journal of Sociology 118:281-326.

Christopher Wildeman and Christopher Muller. 2012. "Mass Imprisonment and Inequality in Health and Family Life." Annual Review of Law and Social Science 8:11-30.


Shorter pieces

Christopher Muller. 2017. "Tools for Historical Sociologists." Trajectories: Newsletter of the ASA Comparative and Historical Sociology Section 28: 32-35.

Christopher Muller. 2015. "Politics and Science in the Work of W. E. B. Du Bois." European Journal of Sociology 56:407-412.

Christopher Wildeman, Anna R. Haskins, and Christopher Muller. 2013. "Implications of Mass Imprisonment for Inequality Among American Children," pp. 177-191 in The Punitive Turn: New Approaches to Race and Incarceration, edited by Deborah E. McDowell, Claudrena N. Harold, and Juan Battle. Charlottesville, VA: University of Virginia Press. 

Christopher Muller and Christopher Wildeman. 2012. "Punishment and Inequality," pp. 169-185 in The SAGE Handbook of Punishment and Society, edited by Jonathan Simon and Richard Sparks. London: Sage.