Instructions for Graduates

Important:  All students must check-in and pick up their name card at the designated table in front of Zellerbach Auditorium when they first arrive.  You will need this name card to participate in the ceremony.  Please proceed up to the Mezzanine Level lobby (2nd Floor) and follow instructions from staff for lining up. Students should be in line starting at 8 a.m..


Graduating seniors will be seated together in the center and right sections, of the main floor of Zellerbach. There will be no alphabetical seating order; you may sit next to the people you are in line with, except when separated by the need to start a new row or an aisle.  All students who participated in the Senior Honors Program will be directed to the front of the processional line.


Please line up no later than 8:30 on the Mezzanine Level (2nd Floor) as directed by staff.  The processional line will go down the left stairs to the Main Level at 8:45 for the processional.
Please walk slowly and carefully as you descend the stairs, there is no need to rush. All honor students should be at the front of the line.  Walk slowly down the middle left aisle of the auditorium and fill up rows.  It’s easy, if you follow the directions of the staff that will be inside counting the number of people in each row and directing you where to go.  Fill up all seats. Please DO NOT leave seats empty next to you unless instructed to do so.  Otherwise, chaos ensues! 


1. When it is time for graduates to go up on stage to get their scroll, you will be prompted by staff to line up in the far right aisle one row at a time. Each student will go up the stairs and hand their name card to the announcer.  As your name is read, walk across the stage to the greeter, who will be standing near the podium.  They will shake your hand and give you your scroll.  Smile, it is at this moment your picture is taken!  Continue to walk across the stage and go down the stairs, opposite the side you came up on, where you will get another picture taken, and then and go back to your seat.      

2. After all the undergraduates have received their scrolls, the entire class will be asked to stand, and switch your tassels to the left side signifying degree conferral.  (Up until this point the tassel should be worn on the right side).


After the ceremony is over, the faculty on stage will lead the recessional up the middle right aisle.  The first row should then exit using both the middle right and middle left aisles, then the second row, and so on.  The audience will exit the auditorium after all of the graduates have left.  You will be asked to walk all the way out of Zellerbach onto Lower Sproul Plaza, which is an excellent place to meet your family and friends.  The lobby areas will be especially crowded immediately after the ceremony, so you may want to wait 5-10 minutes before going back inside for the reception, which will be held on both the Main and Mezzanine Levels in Zellerbach.

Don't forget to return your gown (the cap and tassel are yours to keep).  Follow the instructions you received with your rental package.

Special Instructions for Honor Students:

You will be sitting together as a group in the front row. You should all line up together in the designated area for honor students near the top of the stairs on the Mezzanine Level.  You will be instructed by staff so that you will be seated in the front row of graduates.  When it is time for the honor students to get their degrees conferred on stage, the greeter will say a few words and you will be directed to line up in the right aisle. Walk up the stairs to the greeter and give them your name card.  After they announce your name, step over to the presenting faculty member, who will place a gold honor cord around your neck.  If you are tall, you may want to crouch down a little so your cap doesn’t get knocked off.  You should then walk over to receive your scroll.  Continue across the stage, walk down the same staircase as the other students used, and return to your seat.