Karen Barkey was awarded the Germaine Tillion Chair of Mediterranean Studies at IMéRA, for 2020-2021.

IMéRA is the Institute for Advanced Study of Aix-Marseille University , and a member of the French Network of Institutes for Advanced Study. The Chair is named in memory of the anthropologist Germaine Tillion, who was known for her studies of the Mediterranean, but also for her political activities and opposition to the rise fascism and Nazism in Europe, actions that got her departed to the camp of Ravensbrück. She then wrote extensively on the camps. After her return, she engaged in the opposition to the Algerian War, documenting the horrors of the war, the assassinations, and the torture. Among her many books are the well-known, The Republic of Cousins: Women’s Oppression in Mediterranean Society and Il etait une fois l’ethnographie.