Affiliated Faculty

Name Contact Information Special Interests
Catherine R. Albiston
Professor of Law and Sociology
(510) 642-0493
gender, law and social change, law and society, social movements, employment discrimination, work/family policy, legal profession, public interest law
Prudence Carter
Professor of Education and Sociology
Carolyn Chen
Lauren Edelman
Professor of Law & Sociology Sociology of law, organizations, work and employment relations, civil rights
Michael Mascarenhas Environmental sociology, Environmental justice, environmental racism, globalization and development
Calvin Morrill
Professor of Law & Sociology
sociology of law, organizational theory, social movements, culture, youth, education, qualitative field methods, social networks
Dara O'Rourke
Michael Omi
Associate Professor, Ethnic Studies
(510) 643-8744
Race and ethnicity, political movements, and Asian American communities
Leslie Salzinger
Associate Professor Gender/feminist theory, econonomic sociology/political economy, finance, ethnographic methods.
Stephen Shortell
Professor, Public Health Health policy and management, organizational behavior
Sameer B Srivastava
Assistant Professor
Charis M. Thompson
Professor, Gender and Women's studies Sociology of science, technology, environment and medicine, sociology of the body, feminist theory, gender, race, nation, nature, reproductive and genetic technologies, zoos and wildlife parks, surveillance and new media