Research Opportunities & Potential Funding


You attend a large, preeminent research university.   Research is taking place all around you.  But how can you participate in research, as an undergraduate Sociology major?

1) Check out Undergraduate Research @ Berkeley:

2) Decide if you want to:

        A) Help with a faculty member or graduate student’s research.
        B) Conduct your own research.
        C) Both!

3) If you choose A, check out the Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (URAP) at . Also, talk to faculty and graduate students whose work interests you and ask if they’re looking for research assistants.

4) If you choose B, consider applying for the Sociology Senior Honors Program or doing an Independent Study.  Check out other research opportunities on campus using (see number 2). Attend Workshop B:  Writing a Research Proposal.

5) Brainstorm what you would like to research. Maybe something that was mentioned in one of your classes that you’d like to examine in more detail?  Or how about something you’ve observed in your community that you’d like to turn into a research project?  The possibilities are endless!

6) Talk to faculty & graduate students doing work that interests you or is similar to what you’re thinking about researching.  For Independent Studies, find a Faculty Sponsor.

7) Take your topic and turn it into a research question.  Think of potential research methods you could use (hooray for Soc 5!).

8) Pay attention to deadlines & apply for URAP, SURF, McNair, Haas, and Cal-ADAR  programs to fund certain topics, Senior Honors Program, and/or Independent Study.  Look for funding sources through .

9) You’re on your way to doing research at Berkeley!  Contact a Sociology advisor at any point with questions.  Consider pursuing a Ph.D. if you find yourself loving the research life!