Website Privacy Information

The UCB Sociology department website does not use data tracking or social media widgets for visitors. We do not save personal data about you nor do we utilize cookies for specialized  on site functionality. This website is basic and widget free, as a one way information conduit from us to you.

Department site user accounts are not site local, but your universal campus Calnet-ID account.

The website requires an email address for new accounts. All UC members (staff, students and faculty) receiving accounts on the website will have whatever Cal Directory data already publicly available, imported to create their account.

The data is publicly available already; the Sociology department website does not make use of any data not already publicly available through Cal Directory. Nor do we save any personal details on the site that account holders do not freely put on their own personally maintained profile page.

Any Cal Directory imported data can be edited by the account holder, including their name and email address to appear as they would like on the website. Though an email address must be provided and is publicly listed on the site for all account holders.

No other personal data is automatically gathered for user accounts, and we keep no personal data on site visitors.