Ricky Bluthenthal (1988)

Ricky N. Bluthenthal's major research contributions have been in the areas of HIV epidemiology and prevention for drug injectors, racial/ethnic differences in alcohol consumption, consequences, and treatment outcomes, and community approaches to health promotion. Dr. Bluthenthal has published over 75 studies in peer-reviewed scientific journals such as the American Journal of Public Health, Addiction, Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, and Social Science and Medicine.

Karin Martin (1988)

I went to Berkeley in sociology at the encouragement of wonderful faculty at Hampshire College. Until I got on the plane to Berkeley, I'd virtually never been out of New England, and I arrived thinking graduate school took four years, just like undergrad. After a tough first semester, I became inspired by the political and intellectual climate at Berkeley. Courses on feminism, sexuality, race, and psychoanalysis with Chodorow, Almaguer, Blauner, Luker, Hochschild, and Rogin were influential in developing my understanding of gender, sexuality and the self in everyday life.

John Martin (1988)

Inspired by the new class theory of Gouldner, I came to Berkeley in 1987 to study with Erik Olin Wright, who had been described by my Columbia-school mentors as a Marxist but a good sociologist. Upon visiting, however, Wright informed me that he was going back to Wisconsin, where the average daily temperature was a good 400 degrees colder (Celsius). Since students at Berkeley seemed so jolly, and I found an advisor who liked to talk almost as much as I did, I ended up staying.


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