Kara Young (2007)

Kara's academic work interrogates how inequalities of race, class, and place shape people's daily food consumption practices and food related health aspirations in urban contexts. She has expertise in urban food disparities, the sociology of racial and gender, the sociology of emotions, social theory, and qualitative research methods. ​

Malgorzata Kurjanska (2007)

Research Interests: 
Political Sociology: Civil Society, Culture, Nationalism, Ethnic-Conflict, Social Mobilization and Violence; Development and Globalization; Comparative-Historical Sociology.

Zachary Levenson (2007)

I am an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro.

Ana Villarreal (2007)

Bio and Research

Ana Villarreal’s academic interests include criminal violence and emotion, urban inequality, illicit markets and local governance. She teaches courses on social theory and social problems with an emphasis on drugs at Boston University.


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