Josh Seim

Research Interests: 
poverty governance, medicine, punishment, labor, urban
483 Barrows



Seim, Josh. (forthcoming). “The Ambulance: Toward a Labor Theory of Poverty Governance.” American Sociological Review.

Seim, Josh. 2016. “Short-Timing: The Carceral Experience of Soon-to-be-Released Prisoners.” Punishment & Society 18(4):442-458.

Herring, Chris, Manuel Rosaldo, Josh Seim*, and Benjamin Shestakofsky. 2016. “Living Theory: Principles and Practices for Teaching Social Theory Ethnographically.” Teaching Sociology 44(3):188-199. *equal author.



Instructor of Record

"Sociology of Crime and Punishment" (Summer 2017)

"Sociology of Health and Medicine" (Summer 2016, cross-listed in Public Health)

"Transitioning to Cal: Introduction to the Research University" (Fall 2013, one-credit seminar for transfer students)

Graduate Student Instructor (Teaching Assistant)

"Introduction to Sociology" (Fall 2016, Professor Ray)

"History of Social Theory: Sociology" (Spring 2014, Professor Burawoy)

"History of Social Theory: Marxism" (Fall 2013, Professor Burawoy)

"Sociology of Poverty" (Spring 2013, Professor Smith)

"Introduction to Sociology" (Fall 2012, Professor Swidler)