Graduate Students on the Job Market

Jonah Stuart Br...

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Research Interests: Political sociology; economic sociology; historical and comparative sociology; global and transnational sociology; sociology of elites; social theory; sociology of culture
Dissertation Title: The Social Sources of Geopolitical Power: State Forms, Elite Dispositions, and Diplomacy in France and Britain, 1689–1789
Dissertation Committee: Dylan Riley (Chair); Neil Fligstein; Victoria Bonnell; Peter Sahlins (History)

Andy Scott Chang

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Research Interests: International Migration, Gender, Sociology of Work, Political Sociology, Development & Globalization, Southeast Asia
Dissertation Title: Manufacturing "Foreign Exchange Heroes": The Gender Politics of International Migration from Indonesia
Dissertation Committee: Michael Burawoy (Chair), Laura Enriquez, Leslie Salzinger, Nancy Peluso

Gregory Michael...

Research Interests: China, medical sociology, social psychology, disasters, transportation

Jason L. Ferguson

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Research Interests: Neo-institutional theory; field analysis; global and transnational studies; sociology of law; sociology of sexuality; sociology of culture; postcolonial studies; social theory; quantitative and qualitative methods; multiple correspondence analysis
Dissertation Title: The Great Refusal: The West, the Rest, and the Geopolitics of Homosexuality
Dissertation Committee: Marion Fourcade (co-chair), Loïc Wacquant (co-chair), Raka Ray, and Catherine Albiston

Gillian D Gualtieri

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Research Interests: culture, race and ethnicity, gender, organizations, food
Dissertation Title: Categories of Cuisine: Evaluation and Inequality in American Fine Dining
Dissertation Committee: Raka Ray (co-chair), Heather Haveman (co-chair), Cristina Mora, Ming Leung (Haas School of Business)

Jacob Habinek

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PDF icon Habinek -- CV -- 08 2017.pdf

Research Interests: economic sociology, organizational theory, quantitative methods, social networks, sociology of knowledge, social theory.
Dissertation Title: The politics of innovation: institutional change in organizational fields
Dissertation Committee: Neil Fligstein (Chair), Marion Fourcade, Cathryn Carson (History)

Peter Hepburn

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Research Interests: occupations and work; family; stratification; mass incarceration; poverty and urban sociology; demography
Dissertation Title: Limited Resources, Little Time: Work, Family, and Child Care Challenges Facing Low-Income Households
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Smith (chair), Jennifer Johnson-Hanks, David Harding, Daniel Schneider

Chris Herring

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Research Interests: Urban Sociology, Poverty, Criminal Justice, Welfare, Work, Housing and Homelessness, Social Theory, Ethnography, Qualitative Methods, Community Action Research, Social Policy.
Dissertation Title: Cruel Streets: Criminalizing Homelessness in San Francisco
Dissertation Committee: Loïc Wacquant (chair), Armando Lara-Milan. Nancy Scheper-Hughes, Teresa Gowan (external).

Graham W. Hill

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PDF icon HILL Graham CV.pdf

Research Interests: sociology of religion, social theory, political sociology, cultural sociology, ethnography, Latin America, Europe
Dissertation Title: Enchanting Disciplined Selves and Secular Publics: Ethics and Politics in a Mexican Charismatic Christian Brotherhood
Dissertation Committee: Dylan Riley, Cihan Tugal, Margaret Chowning

Véronique Irwin

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Research Interests: Education, Stratification
Dissertation Title: SEParating the Cream: Evaluating District-Level Outcomes of Selective Enrollment Public Schools
Dissertation Committee: Samuel R. Lucas (Chair), Daniel Schneider, Prudence Carter

Tanya Clark Jones

Research Interests: Institutional Change, Governance, Development, Medical Sociology
Dissertation Title: Health Equity for the Millennium: The Community-based Health and Planning Services (CHPS) Initiative in Ghana
Dissertation Committee: Ann Swidler, Chair Jennifer Johnson-Hanks Ndola Prata

Matty Lichtenstein

Research Interests: Social policy, political sociology, gender and family, religion, mixed methods, state theory, organizational theory

Sigrid Willa Luhr

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PDF icon CV_SigridLuhr_May2018.pdf

Research Interests: Family, Gender, Work, Inequality
Dissertation Title: Engineering Inequality: Rethinking Inclusion in the San Francisco Bay Area Tech Industry
Dissertation Committee: John Lie (chair), Sandra Smith, Daniel Schneider, Leslie Salzinger (Gender and Women's Studies)

Elizabeth McKenna

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Research Interests: Political sociology, social movements (right and left), organizational theory

Robert Pickett

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Research Interests: Quantitative Methodology, Race, Cultural Sociology
Dissertation Committee: Mara Loveman, Jennifer Johnson-Hanks, Michael Omi

Matthew S. Rowe

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Research Interests: Culture; the creative economy; work and occupations; self and identity; organizations and institutions; higher education; sexuality; health.
Dissertation Title: “Crafting the Institutional Self: Identity and Trajectory in Artistic Training and Creative Careers”
Dissertation Committee: Ann Swidler (chair), Kim Voss, and Ming Leung (now at UC Irvine's Paul Merage School of Business)

Caleb Scoville

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PDF icon Caleb Scoville_CV.pdf

Research Interests: Environmental Sociology, Science and Technology Studies, Cultural Sociology, Political Sociology, Economic Sociology, Law and Society, Social and Political Theory, Qualitative and Computational Methods
Dissertation Committee: Marion Fourcade (Chair), Neil Fligstein, Calvin Morrill (Jurisprudence and Social Policy), Andrew Lakoff (University of Southern California)

Shoonchul Shin

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PDF icon CV_shin_May_2019.pdf

Research Interests: Economic sociology; organizational theory; institutional logics; corporate social responsibility; event history analysis
Dissertation Title: Essays on Legitimacy and Organizational Outcomes
Dissertation Committee: Heather Haveman (chair), Neil Fligstein, and Toby Stuart (Haas School of Business)

David Showalter

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Research Interests: drugs, politics, health, law, punishment, "low culture"
Dissertation Title: Getting Well: Using, Selling, and Quitting Opioids in California
Dissertation Committee: Loïc Wacquant (chair), Jennifer Johnson-Hanks, Christopher Muller, Seth Holmes (Public Health)

Jeffrey Weng

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Research Interests: Political sociology, nationalism, comparative historical sociology, sociology of language, social theory, China
Dissertation Title: With One Voice: Unifying the Nation through Language Reform in Early Twentieth-Century China
Dissertation Committee: John Lie (chair), Mara Loveman, Wen-hsin Yeh, Pamela Crossley (Dartmouth College)