Graduate Students on the Job Market

Nicholas B. Adams

Research Interests: security, policing, social movements, social psychology, mixed-methods
Dissertation Title: Contention and Control: U.S. City and Police Responses to the Occupy Campaigns of 2011
Dissertation Committee: Kim Voss (Chair), Trond Petersen, Chris Ansell (Political Science)

Zawadi Rucks Ah...

Research Interests: urban sociology, spatial stratification, race/ethnicity

Carlos Felipe B...

Research Interests: Comparative Penality, Urban Poverty, Entertainment in Disadvantaged Neighborhoods

Siri Colom

Research Interests: Urban sociology, race, environment, inequality, theory, ethnographic methods
Dissertation Title: Politics of Visibility: Urban Housing Struggles in Post-Katrina New Orleans
Dissertation Committee: Michael Burawoy (Chair), Laura Enríquez (Sociology), Ananya Roy (City and Regional Planning)

Rafael Colonna

Research Interests: Gender, Sexuality, Families, Stigma, LGBT Studies, Qualitative Methods, Social Theory, Health, Medicine and Illness
Dissertation Title: “Protective Normalcy: Experience and Management of Stigma in LGBT Families with Children.”
Dissertation Committee: Jennifer Johnson-Hanks (Chair), Sandra Smith, and Mel Chen (Gender and Women's Studies)

Felipe Dias

Research Interests: Race and Ethnicity, Labor Markets, Stratification and Inequality, Gender, Intersectionality, Racial Segregation, Criminology, Field Experiments, & Quantitative Methods.
Dissertation Title: How Skin Color, Class Status, and Gender shape Labor Market Outcomes in Brazil
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Smith (Chair), Mara Loveman, David Harding, and Stephen A. Small.

Charlie Eaton

PDF icon CV_Charlie_Eaton_2017_03_07.pdf

Research Interests: Organizations, Inequality, Economic Sociology, Political Sociology, Higher Education, Healthcare, Labor.
Dissertation Title: “Financialization and the New Organizational Inequality in U.S. Higher Education”
Dissertation Committee: Margaret Weir (Co-Chair), Neil Fligstein (Co-Chair), Marion Fourcade, and Henry Brady (Public Policy and Political Science)

Gillian D Gualtieri

PDF icon Gualtieri CV 2017.pdf

Research Interests: culture, race and ethnicity, gender, organizations, food
Dissertation Committee: Raka Ray (co-chair), Heather Haveman (co-chair), Cristina Mora, Ming Leung (Haas School of Business)

Jacob Habinek

PDF icon Habinek -- CV -- 2016 10 without references.pdf

Research Interests: economic sociology; sociology of knowledge; institutional change; social networks; quantitative and qualitative methods; social theory
Dissertation Title: The politics of innovation: institutional change in organizational fields
Dissertation Committee: Neil Fligstein (Chair), Marion Fourcade, Cathryn Carson (History)

Peter S. Hepburn

Research Interests: sociology of culture; stratification; poverty and urban sociology; demography

Tanya Clark Jones

Research Interests: Institutional Change, Governance, Development, Medical Sociology
Dissertation Title: Health Equity for the Millennium: The Community-based Health and Planning Services (CHPS) Initiative in Ghana
Dissertation Committee: Ann Swidler, Chair Jennifer Johnson-Hanks Ndola Prata

Sunmin Kim

Research Interests: Race, ethnicity, and immigration, culture, knowledge and expertise, minority politics, survey research, comparative-historical sociology

Carter M. Koppelman

PDF icon Koppelman CV 2016.pdf

Research Interests: Development, Urban Sociology, Gender, Political Sociology, Latin America
Dissertation Title: Negotiating Gendered Housing Rights: Women's Struggles for Urban Inclusion in Chile and Brazil
Dissertation Committee: Raka Ray (Chair); Laura Enriquez; Mara Loveman; Teresa Caldeira (City & Regional Planning)

Malgorzata Kurjanska

PDF icon Kurjanska_cv.pdf

Research Interests: Political Sociology: Civil Society, Culture, Nationalism, Ethnic-Conflict, Social Mobilization and Violence; Development and Globalization; Comparative-Historical Sociology.
Dissertation Title: Imperial States and Civil Legacies: Associational Life in the Former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Interwar Poland, ca. 1795-1939
Dissertation Committee: Dylan Riley (co-chair), Peter Evans (co-chair), Ann Swidler, Cihan Tugal, Jason Wittenberg (Political Science)

Zachary Levenson

PDF icon CV June 2017.pdf

Research Interests: urban sociology, social theory, race, sociology of development, ethnography, political sociology, social movements
Dissertation Title: The Post-Apartheid State: The Politics of Housing in South Africa
Dissertation Committee: Michael Burawoy (chair), Dylan Riley, Gillian Hart (Geography), Michael Watts (Geography)

Yang Lor

Research Interests: Education, Poverty, Social Policy, Race/Ethnicity, Southeast Asian Americans

Helena C. Lyson

PDF icon LysonCVFall2016.pdf

Research Interests: food, agriculture, inequality, poverty, health, social movements
Dissertation Title: Food Fight! National Policy, Local Dynamics, and the Consequences for School Food in the U.S.
Dissertation Committee: Laura Enriquez, Margaret Weir, Kathryn De Master

Sarah Macdonald

Research Interests: economic sociology, sociology of culture, race/ethnicity, organizations, transnational adoption, family, media
Dissertation Title: Mismatched: Aligning Parental Desire with the Realities of the Transnational Adoption Economy
Dissertation Committee: Marion Fourcade (Chair) Irene Bloemraad Catherine Ceniza Choy (Ethnic Studies)

Katherine Eva Maich

PDF icon Maich CV 3.17.pdf

Research Interests: Law; Gender; Labor & Work; Informality; Ethnography; Latin America
Dissertation Title: "Domesticating Democracy: Labor Rights at Home in Lima and New York City"
Dissertation Committee: Raka Ray (Chair), Kim Voss, Laura Enriquez, Evelyn Nakano Glenn (Ethnic Studies and Gender & Women's Studies)

Matt Rowe

Research Interests: culture, work, creative economy, sexuality, qualitative methods, pragmatism and social theory

Jen Schradie

PDF icon Jen Schradie CV July 28, 2013.pdf

Research Interests: Social Class, Social Media and Social Movements in the areas of Social Stratification and Inequality, Communication and Information Technologies, Labor and Social Movements
Dissertation Title: “This is (not) What Democracy Looks Like: The Internet and Democratic Participation Practices Among Labor and Social Movement Organizations from Different Political Orientations and Social Classes,”
Dissertation Committee: Kim Voss (chair), Claude Fischer, Abigail DeKosnik.

Josh Seim

PDF icon Seim CV.pdf

Research Interests: poverty governance, medicine, punishment, labor, urban
Dissertation Title: Bandaged: Ambulance Work as Poverty Governance
Dissertation Committee: Michael Burawoy (chair), David Harding, Armando Lara-Millán, Seth Holmes (Public Health)

Benjamin Shesta...

Research Interests: Work and technology; economic sociology; online markets; organizational culture

Shelly Steward

Research Interests: Work, culture, economic sociology, risk and insecurity, moral understandings, symbolic boundaries

Tamera Lee Stover

Research Interests: globalization, political economy, development, racial and ethnic identity, micro-sociology, theory, methods
Dissertation Title: Identity (Geo)Politics: Pakistani Communities and the Nation-State System
Dissertation Committee: John Lie, chair Cihan Tugal, internal Evelyn Nakano Glenn, external

Jeffrey Weng

PDF icon Weng CV.pdf

Research Interests: Political sociology, nationalism, comparative historical sociology, sociology of language, social theory, China
Dissertation Title: With One Voice: Unifying the Nation through Language Reform in Early Twentieth-Century China
Dissertation Committee: John Lie (chair), Mara Loveman, Wen-hsin Yeh, Pamela Crossley

Kara Alexis Young

PDF icon Curriculum Vitae_Kara Young_Fall 2016.pdf

Research Interests: Health & inequality, sociology of food, race, gender, social theory, in-depth interviewing & ethnography
Dissertation Title: Gut Feelings: The Emotions of Food Inequality
Dissertation Committee: Sandra Smith (Chair), Raka Ray, Michael Burawoy, Tianna Paschel (African American Studies)