Student Groups

Latin@ Sociology Association (L.S.A.)

We are Latin@ because we reject the gender binary and embrace an all-inclusive space for all to develop. In doing so, we reject conforming to dominant forms of understandings that do not advance the conditions of historically and contemporary people of color and other marginalized groups.

Black Sociological Alliance (B.S.A)

Black Sociological Alliance has a primary focus of providing a network for students of all majors and backgrounds interested in exploring avenues for the economic and social uplift of the Black community. We are dedicated to service and community outreach, striving to generate supportive alliances among Black students on campus. As a sponsored Sociology Department student organization, we are also committed to providing support and resources to ensure students have academic success. 


Berkeley Undergraduate Sociology Association (B.U.S.A)

The Berkeley Undergraduate Sociology Association is an organization for students interested in Sociology. The group primarily consists of undergraduate students, majors and pre-majors in sociology, although the group invites all students to participate in its activities. 

Alpha Kappa Delta (A.K.D.)

Alpha Kappa Delta is an International Sociology Honor Society with the motto, “to investigate humanity for the purpose of service.” The UCB Sociology department has our own chapter, Chi of California. UC Berkeley’s Chi Chapter is committed to promoting three areas of focus: Service to the Community, Faculty Interaction and Alumni Network, and Academic/Career Development.

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