Donald Metz (1961)

I knew so little about Sociology when I arrived in the Bay Area, that I wasn't accepted into the graduate program until I had taken a full semester of undergraduate courses. I was an ordained minister and wanted to work in the Sociology of Religion. Charlie Glock, who was the expert on that topic at the time, hired me for a research project on new congregations and encouraged me to take a qualitative approach. The report developed into my Master's Thesis and was published (and reviewed in the ASR) before I took my comps.

David Sudnow (1961)

From David Nasatir, July 20, 2006:

David Sudnow died early this morning following surgery for cancer at Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley.

His dissertation: "Passing On: The Social Organization of Dying in the County Hospital" did not  forecast his future success.


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