Linda Fuller (1975)

Going to graduate school was something I'd never really planned to do, but after getting my degree in 1985 I got a job at University of Southern California. Another sociology graduate student (Greg McLauchlan) and I were together by then, and so began our 5-year saga looking for two tenure-track jobs in the same place. With the help and counsel of literally about 70 people, we finally landed two jobs at the University of Oregon, where we've been since 1989.

Jeffrey Haydu (1975)

I arrived at Berkeley in 1975 with a strong interest in social theory. By the time I left, after the customary ten years, I much preferred labor history. One of the strengths and weaknesses of Berkeley's program was to nurture both interests without much regard for careerist considerations. After a three year layover at Syracuse University, I settled at UC San Diego, where the department has that same strength and weakness and, not coincidentally, a large enclave of Berkeley Ph.D.s.

Alison Woodward (1975)

Berkeley's sociology was full of people who knew that the best sociology is comparative : Smelser, Wilensky, Castells, Schurman, Burawoy. Coming to Berkeley via Sweden, I found among both fellow students and faculty appreciation for the challenge of doing comparative research in a critical framework across disciplines. I also discovered I was happier in Europe. Thus I probably take up a rather strange position among the graduates of being an American working in Europe.

Anne Lawrence (1975)

After graduating from Berkeley, I took a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford. After an unsuccessful search for a faculty position in sociology in the Bay Area (where my husband's career was rooted), I accepted a job teaching in the college of business at San Jose State. While that was not what I had envisioned for myself while in graduate school, it proved to be a very positive move for me. I have been very happy in a public university business school setting, with its emphasis on applied research and excellent teaching.


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