Katherine Eva Maich

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Research Interests: 
Law; Gender; Labor & Work; Informality; Ethnography; Latin America
Cafe Milano, 2522 Bancroft
Curriculum Vitae: 

I am a Berkeley Empirical Legal Studies Graduate Fellow, and I hold a Graduate Certificate in Advanced Feminist Studies from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where my thesis won the Outstanding Feminist Scholarship Award. I focus on the home as a site of paid labor and as a microcosm of social and symbolic boundaries. Recently, my work won the Distinguished Graduate Student Paper Award from the American Sociological Association's Labor and Labor Movements Section. My dissertation, “Domesticating Democracy: Labor Rights at Home in Lima and New York City,” examines the consequences of landmark labor protections for household workers—predominantly immigrant and indigenous women of color—in these two large urban centers of migration with recent law. 

I am also the recipient of several fellowships, including the American Association of University Women American Dissertation Fellowship, the Inter-American Foundation’s Grassroots Development Fellowship (IIE), and the Mellon Latin American Sociology Fellowship, among others.

PhD Date:: 
May, 2017
Dissertation Title: 
"Domesticating Democracy: Labor Rights at Home in Lima and New York City"
Dissertation Committee: 
Raka Ray (Chair), Kim Voss, Laura Enriquez, Evelyn Nakano Glenn (Ethnic Studies and Gender & Women's Studies)