Meghna Mukherjee

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Research Interests: 
Gender, Medical Sociology, Fertility and Genetic Technologies, Reproductive Labor, South Asia
Curriculum Vitae: 

Meghna Mukherjee graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Sociology (honors) and Human Rights. As a PhD student (Regents’ Fellow) at UC Berkeley, Meghna’s main research questions consider the gendered and cultural issues that arise alongside the advancements in fertility and genetic technologies. She is particularly interested in understanding how medicalized spaces are shaping the ways in which we constitute femininity, family, and motherhood. Prior to her PhD, Meghna worked in the non-profit and social development field in New York City, and pursued research related to commercial reproductive labor and policies in India.

Currently, Meghna is leading comparative research between the Bay Area of the US and Kolkata, India, analyzing the process through which patients work with doctors to agree upon fertility protocols and their ‘perfect egg donor.’ Along with several projects related to egg donation, Meghna is also studying the impact of consumer genetic testing on approaches to managing health risk through a project funded by Berkeley’s Social Science Matrix. In addition to her academic commitments, Meghna remains engaged in projects supporting non-profit development and strategy.