Sociology Graduate Students

Name Email Special Interests
Edwin Ackerman political sociology; political parties; post-revolutionary state formation; comparative-historical sociology; social theory; Latin America
Nicholas B. Adams security, policing, social movements, social psychology, mixed-methods
Zawadi Rucks Ahidiana urban sociology, spatial stratification, race/ethnicity
Abigail Andrews Development, Migration, Gender, Political Sociology, Latinos/Latin America, Theory
Ghaleb Attrache Political sociology, social movements, culture, Middle East and North Africa
Alex V Barnard Political Sociology, Social Movements, Mental Health
Lindsay Bayham social networks, immigration, political sociology, development
Laleh Behbehanian counter-terrorism, militarization, policing, the state
Lauren S. Beresford inequality in the workplace, social stratification, education, class
Lindsay Berkowitz culture + cognition; urban sociology; social movements
Andrei Boutyline social networks, social psychology, culture & cognition, quantitative methods, mathematical sociology,
CARMEN MARIE BRICK something@somethign.something
Nora C. Broege education, quantitative methods, race & ethnicity, social psychology
Jonah Stuart Brundage comparative historical sociology
Daniel Buch Experts and expertise, regulatory agencies, political economy, development, Latin American states, comparative methods
Carlos Felipe Bustamante Comparative Penality, Urban Poverty, Entertainment in Disadvantaged Neighborhoods
Ryan M. Calder economic sociology, political sociology, political economy, Middle East, Southeast Asia, globalization, finance, Islamic banking, Islamic jurisprudence
Dani Carrillo Race/Ethnicity, Immigration, France
Mario Castillo
Andy Scott Chang Development & Globalization, Labor, Political Sociology, Social Theory, Social Movements, Transitions to Democracy, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines
Esther Yoona Cho immigration, race/ethnicity, family, social stratification
Jennifer M. Choo political sociology, Chinese studies, law, economic sociology, property rights, housing/urban development
Julia Chuang
Pil Hong Chung population aging, life course, health inequality
Naniette H. Coleman
Siri J. Colom Urban sociology, race, inequality, environment, ethnographic methods
Rafael Colonna Gender, Sexuality, Families, Stigma, LGBT Studies, Qualitative Methods, Social Theory, Health, Medicine and Illness
Jessica F. Compton
Felipe A. Dias Labor Market Outcomes, Race and Ethnicity, Gender, Quantitative Methods
Cyrus Dioun Markets, Economic Sociology, Social Movements, Organizational Sociology, Institutions, Marijuana, Bitcoin, and Hackerspaces.
Peter Dixon political sociology, economic sociology, organizational theory, international law and transitional justice, Africa
Herbert Docena climate change, international politics, Phillipines
Charlie Eaton Political Sociology, Economic Sociology, Inequality, Healthcare, Education, Welfare States, Labor
Martin Eiermann social movements, political sociology, cultural sociology, social theory
Emine Fidan Elcioglu political sociology, immigration politics, labor migration, nations and borders, globalization, social movements, culture, work and labor
Perrin Elkind philanthropy, social movements, development, gender
Rebecca Elliott environmental politics, economic sociology, globalization and development
Michel Estefan comparative and historical sociology, political sociology, economic sociology, Latin America with a special emphasis on Mexico
Alinaya Sybilla L. Fabros Globalization, political economy, urban sociology, transnational labor, offshore services, migration, outsourcing, social movements, South East Asia
Gregory Michael Fayard China, medical sociology, social psychology, disasters, transportation
Jason Ferguson Gender and sexuality
Angela Fillingim Law and Society, Political Sociology, Human Rights, Latin America, Race, Immigration, Culture
Christopher Al-Omary Fiorello Social Theory, Stratification, Immigration, Ethnography
Katy Fox-Hodess Labor, political economy
ISABEL GARCIA notknown@this.time
Trevor G. Gardner II criminal theory, sociology of law, political sociology
Pablo Gaston labor, political economy, social movements, finance
Ben Gebre-Medhin social movements, development, revolution
Kristin George Culture and morality, networks, mathematical sociology, gender
Eric Romualdo Giannella Economic sociology sociology of law
Thomas J. Gilbert GILBERT45701@GMAIL.COM culture and cognition, knowledge/ideas
Adam Goldstein economic sociology, finance, inequality/stratification, organizations, urban/communities, religion
Tara Marie Gonsalves
Teresa Gonzales Urban, Development, Organizations, Networks, Nonprofits
Gillian D Gualtieri gender, culture, sociology of knowledge, sexual harassment
Jaren R. Haber Organizations, Education, Social Psychology (status, influence)
Jacob Habinek organizations, culture, science and technology, historical methods, and quantitative methods
Orestes 'Pat' Hastings inequality, culture, religion, organizations, quantitative methods
Peter S. Hepburn sociology of culture; stratification; poverty and urban sociology; demography
Elise Herrala art, culture, consumption, postsocialism, Russia, social theory, class, gender
Christopher Herring Urbanization, Poverty, Penality, Welfare States, Social Theory, Political Economy, Ethnography.
Gabriel Hetland political sociology, social movements, democracy, Latin America
Joy L. Hightower the black middle-class, marriage, culture, qualitative research methods
Graham W. Hill sociology of religion, social theory, political sociology
Casey P. Homan Religion, organizations, quantitative methods, immigration
Katherine Hood economic sociology, culture, knowledge, morality, historical sociology
Trevor G. Gardner II criminal theory, sociology of law, political sociology
Shannon Ikebe political sociology, labor, comparative-historical, Marxist theory, gender, Europe
VĂ©ronique Irwin Social Inequality, Urban Poverty, Public Education
Andrew Jaeger Political sociology, political economy, environmental sociology, theory
Xuan Jin
Tanya Jones development, social movements, AIDS/Africa
John W Kaiser patient care delivery, health care, health and well-being, social psychology, gender, culture, theories of human freedom
Elif Kale-Lostuvali science and technology studies, knowledge, education, environment, comparative-historical sociology, social theory
Sunmin Kim Immigration, race, culture, knowledge and expertise, minority politics, methodology
Daniel N. Kluttz Law, Political Economy, Culture, Organizations, Theory
Carter M. Koppelman Latin America, urban sociology, gender, development, political sociology
Malgorzata Kurjanska political sociology, development, historical sociology, culture, nationalism and ethnic conflict
Joe LaBriola
James G. Lamb political economy, Latin America, development, historical sociology
Steven W. Lauterwasser Social Movements, Cultural Sociology, Historical Sociology, Social Theory
Keun Bok Lee Social networks and Health, Social stratification and Class, Culture
Seth Leibson Social Movements, Labor, Immigration, Organizations
Zachary Levenson urban sociology, social theory, comparative historical sociology, surplus populations, political economy of housing, political sociology, evictions, informality, Southern Africa, Southeast Asia
Matty Lichtenstein Religion, politics, law, gender
Edwin Lin culture, economic development, South Africa, immigration
Roi Livne Economic sociology, medical sociology, organizations, sociology of intellectuals, theory, political economy, morality
ALLISON LYNN LOGAN not@known.none
Yang Lor Education, Poverty, Social Policy, Race/Ethnicity, Southeast Asian Americans
Sigrid Willa Luhr Family, Social Stratification, Inequality, Race/Ethnicity
Louise Ly Race/ethnicity, gender, family, aging, qualitative methods
Helena C. Lyson food, agriculture, inequality, poverty, health, social movements
Sarah Macdonald economic sociology, sociology of culture, race/ethnicity, organizations, transnational adoption, family, media
Margo M Mahan Race, Social Stigma, Gender (Masculinity), Incarceration, Sexuality, Domestic Violence
Katherine E. Maich gender, labor, social movements, political economy of domestic work, social theory, Latin America
Shelly Malhotra NGOs, global health
Laura M. Mangels stratification, criminal justice system, race, Latin America
Elizabeth McKenna Political sociology, social movements, Brazil
Darius B. Mehri Sociology of Development, Economic Sociology, Globalization, Organizations
NALLELY MEJIA unknown@nonegiven.not
Nathalie Quynh Nhu Miller law, development, globalization, organizations, Vietnam
Sarah Anne Minkin collective identity, ethno-nationalism, gender, militarization, social change
Santiago J. Molina STS, Knowledge, Race/Ethnicity, Biomedicine, Bioethics, Latin America
Patricia Keer Munro religion, culture, gender, family
Laura K. Nelson comparative historical sociology, political sociology, gender, collective political action
Kristen Novella Nelson West Africa, gender, race
Elizabeth Pearson Fiscal sociology, social policy, economic sociology
Thomas Peng Labor, Work and Occupation, Development, Economic Sociology, China
Megan Peppel economic sociology, finance, knowledge, inequality, political sociology, Latin America
Tom Victor Pessah political sociology, race & ethnicity
Ms. Michelle Elizabeth Phillips
Robert Pickett Quantitative Methodology, Social Psychology, Complexity Theory
Aaron Platt culture, careers, marriage, life course
Liana Prescott Morality, Politics, Social Psychology, Culture
Mark Matthew Quinn
Ogi Radic
Jace Kolbe Ricafrente race and ethnicity
Alexander F. Roehrkasse Economic sociology, theory, culture, history, knowledge, philosophy of science
Manuel Rosaldo social movements, economic development, informal workers, Latin America
Michele Rossi political sociology, theory, class cultures, gender, morality, inequalities and social mobility
Matthew Rowe culture, economic sociology, gender and sexuality, medical sociology, qualitative methods, pragmatism and social theory
Maria-Fatima Santos
Heidy Sarabia Globalization, migration flows, transnationalism, and border-crossings practices
Jessica Schirmer urban sociology, local politics, fiscal crisis, social policy
Jen Schradie Social Class, Social Media and Social Movements in the areas of Social Stratification and Inequality, Communication and Information Technologies, Labor and Social Movements
Michael Schultz social networks, quantitative methods, mathematical sociology
Jason Eton Scott sociology of education
Caleb R. Scoville environmental sociology, economic sociology, political sociology, political ecology, knowledge, culture, morality, theory, philosophy of technology
Dmitri S. Seals race, culture, political sociology, class, democratic theory
Hans Jacob Seiloe Political sociology, wealth distribution
Josh Seim urban; health/illness; poverty; prisoner release; trauma & medical emergency
Benjamin J. Shestakofsky sociology of work; economic sociology; markets; brokerage; organizational culture
Shoonchul Shin organizations
David Showalter drugs, sex, law, politics, "low culture," rural life
Fabiana Silva Immigration, ethnography, organizations, race
Michaela Simmons Gender, incarceration, class, feminist theory
Shadrick Small race & gender, culture, sociology of music
Jonathan Matthew Smucker political sociology, political strategy, social movements, culture, class, identity, hegemony
Shelly Steward everyday life, inequality, economic sociology, elites, tourism, ethnography, teaching
Matthew J. Stimpson culture, quantitative methods
Adam Storer Sociology of Work, Economic Sociology, Social Networks, Quantitative Methods
Tamera Lee Stover globalization, political economy, development, racial and ethnic identity, micro-sociology, theory, methods
Phung N. Su Gender, globalization, social movements, Southeast Asia
Alisa Szatrowski poverty, race & ethnic relations
Trinh Tran urban sociology, education, immigration, violence, poverty
Fithawee G. Tzeggai race & ethnic relations, urban sociology, stratification
Paula Uniacke gender, development, social change
ANARGHYA VARDHANA later@maybe.sometime
Gowri Vijayakumar gender, development, globalization, feminist theory
Byron Villacis Social Mobility, Development, Inequality, Migration, Public Statistics, Political Sociology.
Ana Villarreal Urban sociology, drug violence, emotions (fear and trust), crime, work, ethnographic methods, Mexico
William Welsh China, penality, political sociology, democracy, education, historical sociology
Jeffrey Weng Sociolinguistics, nationalism, language standardization, China
Rachel Wetts social psychology
Ugur Yildirim political sociology, social movements, religion, deviance, organizations
Kara Alexis Young The global food system, health & inequality, gender, race, post-colonial and transnational feminist theory, in-depth interviewing & ethnography
Siyu Yu