Emeritus Faculty

Name Contact Information Special Interests
Victoria Bonnell
Professor Emeritus
By appointment.
Historical Sociology, Soviet/Russian and East European Society and Culture Sociology of Everyday Life, Comparative and Historical Methods, Social Change
Manuel Castells
Professor Emeritus
(213) 821-2079
Sociology of information technology, urban sociology, sociology of social movements, comparative sociology (current emphases: Latin America, Europe)
Nancy J. Chodorow
Professor Emerita
6175048766, 6175048766
psychoanalysis, gender and sexuality; psychoanalytic sociology and anthropology; psychoanalytic theory and clinical methods; feminist theory and methods
Troy Duster
Chancellor's Professor
troy_duster@berkeley.edu Deviance, law, science, ethnicity
Harry Edwards
Professor Emeritus
drharryedwards@gmail.com Sociology of sport, family, race and ethnic relations
Peter Evans
Professor Emeritus
510 708-8655
By appointment
Globalization, Labor Movements, States, Development
Thomas B. Gold
Tuesday 2:00-4:00pm, Thursday 2:00-3:00pm
Modernization and development, globalization, comparative institutions, Pacific Rim societies, China, culture, non-profits focused on improving educational access and persistence for disadvantaged populations
Leo Goodman
Class of 1938 Professor
510-642-5988, 510-843-6013
By appointment.
Statistical methods of research, mathematical demography, mathematical sociology, social mobility
Arlie R. Hochschild
Professor Emerita
ahochsch@berkeley.edu Family, market culture, global patterns of care work, social psychology with a recent focus on the relationship between culture, politics and emotion.
Michael Hout
Natalie Cohen Professor of Sociology & Demography
mikehout@berkeley.edu Demography, Inequality, Religion, Social Change, & Statistics
Jerome B. Karabel
Professor Emeritus
karabel@socrates.berkeley.edu Sociology of education, politics, intellectuals
Kristin Luker
Professor Emeritus
(510) 642-4038
Wed 11-1 & by appointment.
Gender, sexuality, women and welfare
Richard J. Ofshe
Professor Emeritus
notgiven@given.not Coercive social control, social psychology, influence in police interrogation, influence leading to pseudo-memory in psychotherapy
Barrie Thorne
Professor Emerita
bthorne@berkeley.edu Gender, feminist theory, childhood, families, qualitative methods
Margaret M Weir
mweir@berkeley.edu Political sociology, welfare state, and urban politics