3. Requirements & How to declare Sociology

In order to obtain your bachelors degree in Sociology from UC Berkeley, you need to complete the following requirements:

1) University and College of Letters & Science 

2) Department of Sociology*

*Please note that if you satisfied the Statistics/Logic requirement with transfer work, you do not need to complete Sociology 7 at UC Berkeley. Also, you should not attempt to enroll in Sociology 3AC, which is a course for non-intended Sociology majors. 

*There are few community colleges that offer the equivalent of UC Berkeley's Sociology 5 or "Evaluation of Evidence." 

Please click here if you would like to see which community colleges offer the equivalent of UCB Sociology 5.


How to declare Sociology

1) If your final pre-requisite is Sociology 5, there will be a Google form (available 11/04/19) that you will complete and list your top choices for discussion sections. As the form is completed and receieved by the dept, you will be added to Sociology 5.

-If you are unsure which Sociology pre-requistes you completed at your community college, please visit assist.org.

-If you are transferring from a community college outside of California, or attended a different four year institution, you will need to have courses that you want to be used towards the major evaluated. Please complete this evaluation form and submit the syllabus to socadv@berkeley.edu for review. This process takes 2-3 weeks. 

2) Please complete and submit this declaration form and a copy of your unofficial California Community College transcript to socadv@berkeley.edu.  This unofficial copy should include your name and your courses and grades for any major prerequisite courses.

3) Once your completed Data Sheet for Declaring Sociology is received, and it has been verified that you are enrolled in your final pre-requisites, you will be declared. You can verify your degree status on Cal Central.