Financial Aid for Prospectives

Through departmental grants and university-level fellowships, the Department makes every effort to create an attractive funding package for every accepted student. In the last number of years most all the entering students have received 6 year funding packages comprised of a mix of university and departmental fellowships as well as academic teaching or research work.  However, as both the University and the Department of Sociology have limited resources to support incoming students, we encourage students to apply for outside fellowship support. There are many agencies not connected with the University that provide financial aid to students pursuing higher degrees. These fellowships can serve to supplement Berkeley funding and are often very generous.

Applying for support monies requires advance thought and planning. First, applications must often be made a year or more in advance of when the money is needed. Application deadlines are seasonal, with the majority of the deadlines occurring in late fall and winter and very few in spring or summer. Second, the application process takes time, often with personal essays and documentation. Third, application materials must be gathered together, several recommendations must be secured, and submitted before the deadline date. Students should allow at least two months for the application process.

Links to Fellowship Opportunities for U.S. citizen/residents

Links to Fellowship Opportunities for International Students