Plan of Study

Below are various proposed plans of study to complete University, College of Letters and Science and Sociology major requirements in 3, 3.5, or 4 years. Please note that the proposals are for planning purposes only, and your individual plan may differ. You will be required to meet with a Sociology major adviser at least once a semester to discuss major completion, but are welcome to meet with either adviser as often as you need to.  In addition, you will need to meet with a College of Letters and Science adviser periodically to ensure that you are meeting College and University requirements. 


4 year Plan of Study

3.5 Year Plan of Study

3 Year Plan of Study


Want to track your Sociology major requirements? Major planning sheet.


Drop-in advising hours:

Cristina Rojas

Undergraduate Advisor
424 Barrows Hall
Seng Saelee
Undergraduate Advisor
426 Barrows Hall