UC Berkeley Sociology Alumni Archive

Dear Alumni:

As part of the project to unveil the history of Berkeley sociology we are trying to build a community of alumni. We have made every effort to find as many of you as we can. To-date we have nearly 80% of the email addresses of our 600 plus doctoral students who have graduated since the department was established in 1946. By clicking on missing alumni you will see whom we have still not tracked down. If you can help us with any addresses please let me know.

I thought that you might not only be interested in getting in touch with each other but in discovering what has happened to people you once knew well (or not so well). So we began collecting short biographies. So far we have more than 200 that are available on the right hand menu by name and by cohort. With a single click you can also compile your own book which lists all the alumni and their bios. I think you will find them fascinating reading.

I really want to hear from EACH of you. These biographies are not only of interest to you but serve as an inspiration (or warning) to our current graduate students. This is not a public relations exercise, if you've got bad memories you should share those too. You can write your bio in whatever way you wish but I suggest the following three questions as a guide: What has been your occupational history (teaching, research and beyond)? How did Berkeley influence your use and development of sociology? How has your sociology shaped the world?

They can be as short or long as you like, but I recommend between 200 and 500 words. I'd also like you to supply me with your latest "occupation" and/or "location" as well as any website or email address that we could show with your bio so that people could follow up if they so wished.

The sad part of this enterprise has been to discover how many alumni are no longer with us. If you could prepare a biography of a deceased alumnus/a we would be particularly grateful to receive it.

Enjoy the website and I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes,
Michael Burawoy