Graduate Students

Name Contact Information Special Interests
Alonzo Ackerman
Timothy Ahn
Sally-Ann Akuetteh
Nadia Almasalkhi forced migrations, xenophobia, the Levant, postcolonial theory, urban geography, transnationalism
Elena Amaya Comparative-Historical Sociology, Political Sociology, Antisemitism, Nationalism, Gender and the Law, Genocide Studies
Aja Antoine
Diego Aristizabal Urban and Political Sociology, Bicycle Urbanism, Political Violence, Colonialism in the Caribbean, Latin American Development, Comparative Ethnography, Critical Social Theory
Hero Ashman
Ghaleb Attrache Religion and spirituality, political sociology, revolutions, Middle East and North Africa
Audrey Augenbraum Social movements, history of humanitarianism, immigration, religion
Jose Martin Av… Family, Quantitative & Computational Methods, Sexuality, Social Demography, Stratification and Inequality, Culture
Alex V Barnard Medical Sociology, Political Sociology, Social Policy, Mental Health, Comparative Sociology, Social Theory, Ethnography
Lindsay Bayham social networks, culture, communication, social & economic development, social theory, Africa
Lindsay Berkowitz medical sociology & gender; current project topics: women's health, chronic illness, integrative medicine, healthcare policy
Boróka Bó Stratification, Well-being, Aging, Sociology of the Family, Social Networks, Gender, Demography
Carmen Brick political sociology, social policy, sociology of work, stratification
Allison Brooke wearable activity tracking devices, work, health/healthcare/health insurance, ranking/rating/risk, knowledge and classification, culture, surveillance
Paula Winicki … Political Sociology, Social Movements, Labor, Latin America
Kimberly Burke Policing, State Violence, Inequality, Criminal Justice, Feminist Theory
Jesus Camacho
Jenae Carpenter
Elizabeth Torr…
Merzela Casimir
Andy Scott Chang
Esther Yoona Cho immigration, illegality, race/ethnicity, family, education
Joshua Choper Labor Markets, Work, Social Stratification and Inequality, Economic Sociology, Quantitative Methods
Pil H. Chung family, demography, life course, and race
Naniette H. Coleman Culture, Organizations, Science and Technology Studies, Law and Society, Qualitative & Quantitative Methods, Computational Social Science
Jessica F. Compton stratification, economic sociology, race, gender, work, mixed methods
Isaac Dalke crime, punishment, and violence; bureaucracy; expertise; governance
Xavier Durham Political Sociology, Urban Sociology, Race and Inequality, Policing, Surveillance Technology, and Privatization
Margaret Eby Social History, Social Movements, Comparative Historical Sociology
Martin Eiermann social movements, political sociology, cultural sociology, social theory
Alinaya Sybill… Globalization, political economy, urban sociology, transnational labor, offshore services, migration, outsourcing, social movements, South East Asia
Akilah Favors Ethnicity and Race, Social Movements
Gregory Michae… Mobilities, Political Sociology, China, Spatial Inequality, Tourism, Political Geography, Environmental Sociology, Public Health
Benjamin Fields
Katy Fox-Hodess Labor, globalization, political economy, political sociology
Isabel García-… immigration, life course and aging, race and ethnicity, family, education, and Latinx sociology
Kristin George Slavery and religion in Antebellum America, social movements, organizations, morality, historical sociology, gender, race and class.
Thomas Gepts Labor, environmental politics & history, social theories of nature
Justin Germain Social Policy; Urban Sociology; Space and Gentrification; Inequality
Tara Gonsalves
Jeffrey M Gordon organizations, science and technology, law, historical methods, computational methods
Matthew Grumbach Historical Sociology, Social Movements, Theory
Jaren R. Haber Organizations, Education, Computational Text Analysis, School Choice, Stratification, Quantitative Methods
Tiffany Hamidjaja
Thomas Haseloff Economic Sociology, Financialization
Casey P. Homan Organizations, race/ethnicity, urban sociology, religion, immigration, quantitative methods
Katherine Hood punishment, law & society, economic sociology, expertise, poverty & inequality
Cathy Hu penality, law and society, political sociology, collective action, ethnography
Janna Huang Science and Technology Studies, Knowledge, Economic Sociology, Environmental Sociology
Shannon Ikebe political sociology, political economy, labor, comparative-historical
Irem Inal
Andrew Jaeger Political sociology, economic sociology, environment, theory
Xuan Jin
David Joseph-G… Urban, Organizations, Technology, Culture
Samuel Kieke Political Sociology, Middle East and North Africa, Immigration, Comparative Historical Sociology
Carter M. Koppelman Development, Urban Sociology, Political Sociology, Gender, Social Movements, Latin America
Michael Unger Kowen sociology of knowledge, social theory, science and technology studies, political sociology, China
Kirstin Krusell science and technology studies, labor/work, political sociology
Joe LaBriola social stratification / inequality, urban sociology, family demography, sociology of work
Steven Lauterwasser Polarization, Social Movements, Cultural Sociology, Historical Sociology, Social Theory
Jessica Law race/ethnicity, political sociology, knowledge
Nikkolette Lee medical sociology, the body, medicalization and pathologization, fat studies, obesity, healthcare settings, social stigma
Tyler Leeds Political Sociology, Journalism Studies, Knowledge, and Theory
Seth Leibson Social Movements, Labor, Immigration, Organizations
Jaqueline Lepe Crime and Punishment, Race, Gender, Inequality
Danyang Li culture and meaning, institutions and organizations, innovation and entrepreneurship, network science and computer linguistics
Matty Lichtenstein Social policy, health and medicine, family, race and gender, maternal and child welfare
Daniel Lobo
Yang Lor Education, Poverty, Culture, Social Stratification, Race/Ethnicity, Asian Americans
Sigrid Willa Luhr Work, Family, Gender, Inequality, Technology Industry
Louise Ly Race, ethnicity, gender, immigration, sexuality, and aging
Antonia Mardon… International migration, race and ethnicity, national identities, Latin America.
Elizabeth McKenna Political sociology, social movements, organizational theory, stratification, social networks, Brazil
Nallely Mejia Immigration, Health, Inequality, Mexico
Michael Menefee Sociology of trauma; punishment and inequality; stratification; family demography; quantitative methods
Sarah Merchant racial/imperial capitalism, spiritual ontology, mysticisms, secularization, Islam, post-colonial South Asia
Santiago J. Molina Science, Knowledge, Race/Ethnicity, Organizations, Biomedicine, Bioethics, Latin America
Meghna Mukherjee Gender, Medical Sociology, Fertility and Genetic Technologies, Reproduction, South Asia
Nataliya Nedzh… economic sociology, organizations, science and technology studies
Kristen N. Nelson Race and Ethnicity, Racial Attitudes, Quantitative Methods, Social Psychology, Political Sociology, Gender
Dhurata Osmani Political sociology; gender; globalization and development; post-conflict societies; Kosovo; Rwanda; Haiti
Anthony Palafox Education, Expectations, Inequality
Joohyun Park Gender, Political Sociology, Social Movement, Culture
Natalie Pasquinelli
Sarah Payne education, inequality, economic sociology, welfare states, risk, debt, race/ethnicity, gender, affect, emotion
Thomas Peng Labor, Work and Occupation, Development, Migration, China
Reubén Pérez Production of Population Data, Census, Latin America and the Caribbean, Political Sociology, Race and Ethnic Relations
Clara Perez
Michelle Eliza… Political Sociology; human rights; Immigration; Economic Sociology; Gender; Inequality and Poverty
Robert Pickett Quantitative Methodology, Race, Cultural Sociology
Khoi Quach penality and political economy with an emphasis on technology
Kelly Quinn Economic sociology, work, and labor markets
Adriana Ramirez Migration, Citizenship, Race & Ethnicity, Nationalism, Latin America
William Rathje
Angel Mendiola Ross (sub)urban sociology, race and inequality, housing, and policing
Michele Rossi political sociology, theory, class cultures, gender, morality, inequalities and social mobility
Emily Ruppel Medical Sociology, Labor and Organizations, Gender, Culture, Knowledge
Paul Salamanca gender, sexuality, ethnoracialization, postcoloniality, political sociology
Jasmine Sanders organizations, culture, inequality, workplace practices & policies
Michaeljit Sandhu
Maria-Fátima Santos penality; violence and the state; law and international development; transnational drug control; social theory; Latin America
Lara Schiffrin-Sands
Jessica Schirmer urban sociology, political sociology, welfare state, housing
Krista Schnell gender, science and technology, sociology of sport, organizations
Caleb Scoville Environmental Sociology, Science and Technology Studies, Cultural Sociology, Political Sociology, Economic Sociology, Law and Society, Social and Political Theory, Qualitative and Computational Methods
Dmitri Seals race, culture, political sociology, class, democratic theory
Alicia Sheares
Benjamin Shest… Sociology of work; technology and society; economic sociology; qualitative research methods; organizational culture; digital geographies
Mary Shi Political economy, historical sociology, the state, society and space, urban sociology
David Showalter drugs, health, crime, law, punishment, politics
Fabiana Silva Inequality and Stratification, Labor Market Stratification, Economic Sociology, Race and Ethnicity, Immigration, Social Networks, Social Psychology, Experimental Methods, Quantitative Methods
Michaela Simmons American welfare state, poverty, racial inequality
Shadrick Small race & ethnicity, culture, social fields, sociology of knowledge, social networks, sociology of music, production of culture, canonization, US recording industry (pre-WWII), slavery in Spanish Lousiana
Maria Smith Data Surveillance & Privacy, Sociology of Law/Penality, Race, and Mixed Methods
Miranda Smith gender, sexuality, political sociology, theory, stratification
Jonathan Matth… political sociology, political strategy, social movements, culture, class, identity, hegemony
Kiran Stallone Gender, Political Sociology
Shelly Steward Work, culture, economic sociology, risk and insecurity, moral understandings, symbolic boundaries
Matthew J. Stimpson culture, stratification, economic sociology, quantitative methods
Adam Storer Sociology of Work, Economic Sociology, Social Networks, Quantitative Methods, Computational Text Analysis
Garrett Strain Labor, Financialization, Political Sociology
Phung N. Su Gender, globalization, migration, inter-Asia
Eylem Taylan Labor, Governmentality Studies, Comparative-Historical Sociology, Development, Social Theory
Luis Tenorio Immigration and Migration; Children and Youth; Political Sociology
Trinel Torian
Thomas Trieu globalization, economic inequality, Southeast Asia, urban education
Fithawee Tzeggai Sociology of Knowledge, Sociology of Race, Sociology of Education, Urban Sociology, Political Sociology
Paula Uniacke gender, development, social change, gender-based violence, global campaigns, transnational feminism, NGOs, India, South Asia, water, sanitation
Byron Villacis Social Mobility, Development, Inequality, Migration, Public Statistics, Political Sociology.
Skyler Wang Technology, Sharing Economy, Economic Sociology, Online Dating, Culture, Gender
William Welsh Historical development of labor markets in China, England, Japan and Scotland.
Jeffrey Weng Currently a Shorenstein Postdoctoral Fellow in Contemporary Asia at Stanford University, Jeffrey received his Ph.D. in sociology from UC Berkeley in May 2020. His research centers on the politics of language, ethnoracial formation and nation-building in China, and his work has appeared in the Journal of Asian Studies, Theory & Society, and the European Journal of Sociology.
Rachel Wetts Political psychology, environmental sociology, race, sociology of culture, social psychology, organizational sociology, social theory, computational methods
Allen Micheal Wright Urban Sociology, Sociology of Law, Economic Sociology
Ugur Yildirim My dissertation investigates the impact of inequality perceptions on distributional preferences using survey and behavioral experimental methods. Visit my personal website for my recent publications and working papers.
Yueran Zhang Comparative-Historical Sociology, Political Economy, State and Class Politics, Mobilizations and Demobilizations, Development, Global and Transnational, Theory