Department of Sociology - Payment & Reimbursement Forms

Submit all forms and supporting documentation to:

Department of Sociology
410 Barrows Hall, MC1980
Berkeley, CA 94720-1980

Every payment or reimbursement request should be accompanied by one of the forms below, completed in full. Payment/Reimbursement requests submitted with an incomplete form, or without a form, may delay processing. If you are uncertain about which form to use, contact Holly Le,

All forms are available as an editable PDF form. The form can be filled out on your workstation and then printed, signed, and brought into the office.  Signed forms can also be emailed to Holly Le,

Requests for reimbursement must be supported by documentation clearly showing proof of payment (original receipts, invoices marked "Paid In Full," credit card or bank statements, etc.). Receipts should be taped - not stapled - to 8½" x 11" sheets of paper; the back of scratch paper is fine.

Requests for payment must be accompanied by supporting documentation: an invoice showing "Balance Due," quotes from a vendor, etc.

If you have questions about the forms or transactions, contact Holly Le,

Reimbursement Request Form PDF
Use this form to request reimbursement for miscellaneous supplies and general expenses, such as books, subscriptions, office supplies, photocopying, etc. This form should not be used: for Travel or Entertainment expenses; to request payment of honoraria; or services rendered (including translation, transcription, software support, etc.); or to request reimbursement for miscellaneous expenses (there are specific forms for each of those expense types; see below).

Honorarium Payment Request Form PDF
Use this form to request an honorarium payment to an individual. It is important to read the instructions provided to ensure payment is allowable according to university policy. We cannot process honoraria that violate university policy. The policy can be found here.

If you need to make a payment for Services Rendered (e.g., translation, transcription, software support, etc.), please contact Holly Le for instructions before any work has begun.

Travel Reimbursement Request Form for domestic travel click here, for international travel click here.
Use this form to request reimbursement for expenses incurred during travel for legitimate business purpose. Before completing the form, be sure to read the instructions provided to ensure all costs submitted are reimbursable according to university policy. It is always a good idea to review campus travel policy prior to a trip - especially where international travel is involved - to ensure your costs remain within the daily maximum allowed for reimbursement and that you gather all necessary documentation for full reimbursement. Campus travel policy can be found at:

Quick Facts:

  • Travel reimbursement requests should be submitted within 45 days of completion of travel.
  • Traveler must sign in the certification section of the Travel Reimbursement Form. Without traveler signature, UCB's Travel Office will not process the reimbursement request.
  • All expenses to be reimbursed must be accompanied by an original receipt.
  • Internet travel packages are not reimbursable unless every aspect of the package is clearly itemized.
  • If travel involves flying, an itinerary must be provided, showing departure/arrival times and any connections. If the itinerary does not indicate airfare, include a passenger receipt.
  • If lodging costs are to be reimbursed, a zero-balance statement from the hotel must be provided.
  • If requesting reimbursement for private vehicle mileage, gas costs for the vehicle cannot be reimbursed (gas, vehicle wear-and-tear, etc. are already factored into the mileage rate).
  • Be aware of daily maximum allowances for travel reimbursement; UCB policy prohibits reimbursement over established per diem rates:

For domestic travel, the daily maximum meal allowance is up to $62 per day for travel duration of 24 hours or greater. Effective September 1, 2008, the University no longer reimbursed meals when travel was less than 24 hours, unless the trip included an overnight stay as supported by a lodging receipt. Please also note that for domestic travel, only actual meal expenses can be reimbursed; per diem cannot be claimed.

For international travel, daily maximum meal and lodging allowances are determined by the U.S. State Department, and vary from region to region. Contact Holly Le,, prior to your trip for per diem rates; this information will help you plan your trip and ensure full expense reimbursement.

Entertainment Payment/Reimbursement Request Form click here.

Quick Facts:

  • Entertainment payment/reimbursement requests should be submitted within 7 (seven) days after meal event.
  • A clear and detailed explanation of the business purpose of the meal must be provided on the form. Failure to provide such a statement may delay processing of payment/reimbursement.
  • The Host of the meal event must sign in the certification section of the Entertainment Payment/Reimbursement Form. Without host signature, UCB's Entertainment Office will not process the payment/reimbursement request.
  • All payment/reimbursement requests must be accompanied by an itemized invoice or receipt, which clearly shows detail of meals and drinks served. Credit card receipts must be accompanied by itemized meal receipts.
  • Identify any and all alcohol expenses; depending upon funding source, alcohol charges may not be allowed.
  • A participant list must be included with any entertainment payment/reimbursement request.
  • Be aware of per-person maximum meal allowances; UCB policy prohibits payment/reimbursement over established rates without exception approval obtained prior to meal event:
    • Breakfast: $27.00
    • Lunch: $47.00
    • Dinner: $81.00
    • Light Refreshments: $19.00
  • Per-person rates are calculated to include a meal's tax, service charges, and delivery charges.