Declaring the Major

As a declared sociology major, you will have a distinct advantage in enrolling in upper division sociology courses.

Eligibilty. You are eligible to declare if you have the following: 1) a 2.0 cumulative as well as a 2.0 major g.p.a. with at least one course completed in the major; and 2) the three prerequisite courses completed or in progress (see Major Requirements).

When to Declare.  It is recommended that you officially declare as soon as you're ready to do so.  You may declare anytime during the year.

How to Declare.  Once the prerequisite courses are completed or in progress, you should complete the necessary paperwork (see below) and come in during drop-in advising hours to the Sociology Undergraduate Advising Offices (424/426 Barrows).   The process to declare generally takes 10-15 minutes. You must submit the following when you declare: 

  • The completed "Data Sheet for Sociology Majors," both sides completed before the appointment. This form is available for download online, and is also available outside 424/426 Barrows. 
  • A copy of your transcript (unofficial okay) if you took any of the prerequisites at another college or university.

A student file will be set up to maintain your records in the department. Your records will be maintained in the Department until five years after you graduate.