Undergraduate Program

Welcome to the undergraduate program in Sociology. In this section you will find information on how to make your way through a degree in sociology. Sociology is an exciting degree that allows its students to pursue a multiplicity of careers and interests. With world-renowned faculty and one of the best graduate programs in sociology, undergraduates in our department have a unique opportunity to engage in a lively academic environment.


Beginning March 16, 2020 Sociology advisers are available remotely. If you need assistance, please email either adviser. Video conference and phone appointments are available by request. 

Cristina - cmrojas@berkeley.edu

Seng - ssaelee@berkeley.edu



Spring 2020 -  WRITING Tutoring available on a drop-in basis in 468 Barrows Hall :


Tuesdays 4:30 - 6:30 PM

Wednesdays 6:45 - 8:45 PM


Click to see flyer. 


The Student Learning Center has resumed offering study groups for SOC 1, 5, and 101.  Study groups generally begin in the 3rd week of instruction.  For more information, please contact the Student Learning Center Social Science program staff.  



For more information on Berkeley Connect , check out the Berkeley Connect in Sociology Program website!