Emeritus Faculty

Name Contact Special Interests
Victoria Bonnell
Professor Emeritus
510-642-2784 Historical Sociology, Soviet/Russian and East European Society and Culture Sociology of Everyday Life, Comparative and Historical Methods, Social Change
Michael Burawoy
510-643-1958 Labor, methodology, capitalism on earth
Manuel Castells
Professor Emeritus
(213) 821-2079 Sociology of information technology, urban sociology, sociology of social movements, comparative sociology (current emphases: Latin America, Europe)
Nancy J. Chodorow
Professor Emerita
Psychoanalytic theory and clinical methods, psychoanalysis, gender and sexuality, psychoanalytic sociology and anthropology, feminist theory and methods
Troy Duster
Chancellor's Professor
Deviance, law, science, ethnicity
Lauren Edelman
Harry Edwards
Professor Emeritus
Sociology of sport, family, race and ethnic relations
Peter Evans
Professor Emeritus
510 708-8655 Globalization, Labor Movements, States, Development
Thomas B. Gold
510-642-4760 Modernization and development, globalization, comparative institutions, Pacific Rim societies, China, culture, non-profits focused on improving educational access and persistence for disadvantaged populations
Arlie R. Hochschild
Professor Emerita
Family, market culture, global patterns of care work, social psychology with a recent focus on the relationship between culture, politics and emotion.
Michael Hout
Natalie Cohen Professor of Sociology & Demography
Demography, Inequality, Religion, Social Change, & Statistics
Jerome B. Karabel
Professor Emeritus
Sociology of education, politics, intellectuals
Kristin Luker
Professor Emeritus
(510) 642-4038 Gender, sexuality, women and welfare
Richard J. Ofshe
Professor Emeritus
Coercive social control, social psychology, influence in police interrogation, influence leading to pseudo-memory in psychotherapy
Barrie Thorne
Professor Emerita
Gender, feminist theory, childhood, families, qualitative methods
Margaret M Weir
Political sociology, welfare state, and urban politics