Study Abroad Opportunities through the Dept. of Sociology

"Sociology majors, we want you to study abroad!"


Department of Sociology

1) Study Abroad in Norway through the Department of Sociology

2) Study Abroad in Spain through the Department of Sociology

3) Berkeley Study Abroad

1) Study Abroad in Norway through the Department of Sociology

Summer 2021 @ The International Summer School---CANCELLED for SUMMER 2021


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-->Universities that you can study at:

1) Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) (Fall, Spring)

2) University of Bergen (UiB) (Fall, Spring)

3) University of Oslo (UiO) (Fall, SpringSummer)

4) The Artic Unviersity of Norway (UiT) (Fall, Spring)

-->Courses, transferring coursework to Berkeley, grading, etc.

Are you curious what courses you can take in Norway? Do you know how the courses will appear on your UC Berkeley transcript? Want to know the grading structure of Norwegian Universities?

Click here to find out the answers!


Housing is guaranteed at all of the Norwegian Universities. Click here to find out more!

-->Financial aid & scholarships, and cost of attendance

Financial aid and cost of attendance are some of the top concerns for students studying abroad. Click here to find out more!


Do you need a visa to study abroad in Norway? Click here to find out more!

-->Planned Leave of Absence

If you participate in the Study Abroad in Norway program and will return to UCB the following term (participate in Fall and return in Spring or participate in Spring and return in Fall), you will need to submit a Planned Leave of Absence to the Berkeley Study Abroad Office. Click here to find out more more!

-->Calendar Dates (approximate):

Click here to find out more!

-->Application Instructions:

If you are interested in applying for one of the four programs listed above, please click here to find out more information. 

-->Former participants:

Yuval-Fall 2019 University of Bergen: For her service commitment, she created a series of videos about her term at UiB. 




                     *CANCELLED for SUMMER 2021*


Study Abroad In Northern Spain

University of Navarra, Pamplona

 UC Berkeley students now have the incredible opportunity to do short-term study abroad (3 weeks) during the summer in beautiful Northern Spain, through the UC Berkeley Sociology Department’s new partnership with the University of Navarra, in Pamplona Spain.  Pamplona is in the Basque region of Spain, and is known for its unique culinary cuisine, wine region, “Running of the Bulls” festival in July, and the famous Camino de Santiago pilgrammage which goes right through town and the university campus.  It is only about 1 ½ hours from the Atlantic coast and the south of France.

 This is a brand new program and we’re still figuring out the details on our end for the Sociology sponsorship, and will do so by early February.  We are looking into the possibility of providing a tuition waiver.  There are other programs to extend the study abroad experience that students may choose to do on their own (see brochure). 

Preliminary Application

If you are interested in participating in the program in Spain, please complete the preliminary application. The internal Department of Sociology deadline to submit the preliminary application.


Additional information about courses:

Students can combine 3 different courses:
Spanish Language and Culture (6ECTS, 60h)  May 18 - June 17
Community Engagement in Pamplona  (6ECTS, 60h)  June 1 - June 19
The Business of Wine and Gastronomy in Northern Spain  (6ECTS, 60h)
They can take just the 3 week Spanish Language and Culture course, Spanish Language+Community Engagement, Spanish Language+Business, Business or the 3 courses. 

We offer different courses in Spanish module from different levels:
(SPN 101) Español A1: Comunicación y Cultura
(SPN 102) Español A2: Comunicación y Cultura
(SPN 201) Español B1: Comunicación y Cultura
(SPN 301) Español B2: Comunicación y Cultura
(SPN 370) Español C1: Comunicación y Cultura
*Courses can vary depending on the students participating in the program. We will offer the courses that best fits with their levels of Spanish proficiency. Medium size of class is 12 students. Never more than 18 and min than 4 students. Each class has a Prof. and a TA.

Program Fees:

Tuition and Course fees: 1415€ (approx. $1569.43 USD)

Application Fee: 100€ (approx. $110.91 USD)

Registration Fee/Student Services Fee: 335€ (approx. $371.56 USD)

Health Insurance (unless waived) 21-49€ (approx. $23.90-54.35 USD)

Housing: 840€ (Host Family(approx. $931.99 USD)) or 945€ (Residence Hall(approx. $1048.49 USD))


Click here or here for a flyer. 

3) Berkeley study Abroad

Berkeley Study Abroad has many terrific programs that are offered Summer, Fall, Spring, Year. 


Financial Aid:

Berkeley Study Abroad has great information about financing your time abroad. In addition, there are dedicated financial aid counselors housed at Berkeley Study Abroad available to help you. Click here to see available hours. 


Completing requirements abroad:

The Department of Sociology will automatically accept UCEAP courses to satisfy Sociology Elective requirements if the following criteria are met:

a) must be a Sociology course

b) must be an upper division course (numbered 100+)

c) must be a minimum of 4 qtr/2.7 semester units

d) must be an academic course, and not a research or internship course


If you are taking a course abroad that you feel it is equivalent to a sociology requirement other than a sociology elective, you can request to have the course evaluated for equivalency. Please submit the syllabus to either Cristina or Seng, and it will be forwarded for review by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. This process can take 2-3 weeks. 


Database of previously approved courses from abroad

Click here for database.

Please note the following limitations of the database:

a) study abroad programs listed may or may not currently be available

b) courses listed for each of the programs are subject to change and may not be available

c) courses listed might only be available in a specific semester only (i.e. Fall only)

d) first tab of Google Document will list UCEAP courses, second tab will show courses approved by exception