Name Contact Special Interests
Jill A. Bakehorn
Continuing Lecturer
Gender, Sexuality, Pornography, Food
Laleh Behbehanian
Continuing Lecturer
Policing, Counter-terrorism, the State and Social Movements
Fatmir Haskaj Theory, political economy, nationalism, ethnicity, migration and urbanization.
Linus Huang
Continuing Lecturer
Organizations, work, sports, technology & society, sociology of the life course
Peter Hurtubise
Sociology of Education, Quantitative Sociological Methods, International Research, Mixed Methods, and Social Psychology.
Szonja Ivester
Continuing Lecturer
social inequality, class analysis, gender, political elites, globalization, socialist societies, health inequalities, happiness
John W Kaiser
empathy/disempathy; solidarity and division; consciousness; social psychology; race, class, gender, and ability; feminist/social theory; qualitative methods
Mary E Kelsey
Senior Continuing Lecturer
Poverty and welfare policies, race, family, qualitative research methods
Joseph Klett
Edwin Lin
Continuing Lecturer
408.239.9395 social media, virtual communities, culture, interviewing, economic development, South Africa, immigration, globalization
Joanna Reed
Continuing Lecturer
families, inequality, social policy, gender, neighborhoods, work, qualitative methods
Marina Romani
sociology of culture, sociology of emotions, performance studies, film studies, queer theory
Charles Sarno