Name Contact Special Interests
Irene Bloemraad
Class of 1951 Professor
510-642-4287 Immigration, political sociology, race & ethnicity, social movements, nationalism, research methods, Canada
Robert Braun
Assistant Professor
Comparative Historical Sociology; Peace, War, and Social Conflict; Social Movements and Collective Behavior
Michael Burawoy
510-643-1958 Labor, methodology, capitalism on earth
Daniel Aldana Cohen
Assistant Professor
Laura J. Enriquez
510-642-2502 Development in Latin America; Latin American Emigration to Europe; Rural Sociology, Political Sociology; Social Movements
Claude S Fischer
Professor of the Graduate School
Personal networks, social history, social psychology, urban, technology
Neil Fligstein
Class of 1939 Professor
510-643-1957 Economic sociology, political economy, organizational theory
Marion Fourcade
(510) 643-2707 Economic sociology, culture, political sociology, comparative methods, knowledge and science, digital society
Cybelle Fox
Race and Ethnic Relations, American Welfare State, Immigration, Historical Sociology, and Political Sociology.
David J. Harding
510-642-2707 poverty, inequality, causal inference, mixed methods, incarceration and prisoner reentry, education, neighborhood effects, urban communities, adolescence
Heather A. Haveman
Organizational theory, economic sociology, historical sociology, entrepreneurship, organizational demography, gender, careers and social mobility
Jennifer Johnson-Hanks
Culture and population, intentions, uncertainty, epistemology, history of population thought, sub-Saharan Africa, family, fertility, gender, life course
Danya Lagos
Assistant Professor
Sex and Gender, Demography, Survey Methods, Health, Social Change, Embodiment
Armando Lara-Millan
Assistant Professor
Urban Ethnography, Historical Sociology, Law & Society, Economic Sociology, Medical Sociology.
John Lie
C.K. Cho Professor
Social theory, political economy, East Asia
Yan Long
Assistant Professor
Global and transnational sociology, political sociology, health and medicine, organizations, gender and sexualities
Mara Loveman
Comparative and historical sociology, political sociology, ethnoracial politics, development, Latin America
Samuel R. Lucas
Social stratification, sociology of education, research methods, statistics
G Cristina Mora
Associate Professor
510-642-5877 Culture, Race and Ethnicity, Organizations, Immigration, Religion
Christopher Muller
Assistant Professor
Inequality, Incarceration, Historical Sociology, Social Theory
Tianna Paschel
Trond Petersen
(510)642-6423 Organizations, social stratification, inequality, economic sociology, comparative studies, quantitative methods
Raka Ray
Professor and Dean, Social Sciences
Gender, postcolonial sociology, emerging middle classes, South Asia, inequality, qualitative research methods, social movements
Dylan John Riley
Political Sociology, Comparative Historical Sociology and Social Theory
Martín Sánchez-Jankowski
(510) 643-8779 Sociology of poverty, race and ethnicity, social violence, methodology
Ann Swidler
Professor of the Graduate School
510 644-0858 Culture, religion, theory, institutionalization, African responses to HIV/AIDS; social ecologies of religion in Africa; chieftaincy, congregational religion and capacities for collective action
Cihan Tugal
Political sociology; Social movements; Islam and the Middle East; Social theory; Religion; Culture; Global and transnational sociology; Economic sociology and development; Comparative and historical sociology
Kim Voss
510-642-4756 Labor, social movements, inequality, higher education, political sociology, historical sociology
Loïc Wacquant Incarnation, the penal state, comparative urban inequality and marginality, "race" as a principle of social vision and division, extreme social systems, politics of reason, social epistemology, classical and contemporary social theory.