4. Schedule Planning

First Semester Schedule Planning Tips 

1) Enroll in any final pre-requisites (Many New Junior Transfer students will need to enroll in Sociology 5 since the equivalent is not offered at most California community colleges).

2) Sample first semester schedules available for your reference.

3) For course descriptions for Sociology courses being offered each semester, please go to classes.berkeley.edu

               **you can filter for specific Sociology requirements on the class schedule by following these instructions

4) Trying to decide between classes?  You can take a look at a syllabus for previously offered Sociology courses

5) SOC 101 - Not everyone will choose to take SOC 101 during their first semester.  If you want to enroll in Sociology 101, you should be enrolled in your final prerequisites, submit your major declaration form, and discuss your interest in taking Sociology 101 with a major advisor.

6) Sociology Major Sheet--- you can use this blank sheet to help plan your semesters and guide you towards completing the major. 



Common requirements for junior transfers with IGETC who are in the College of Letters and Science :

1) Major Requirements

2) American Cultures (if not satisfied at community college - review Approved AC Courses) – This requirement may be satisfied with a major course such as Soc 111AC, 131AC, (which are also considered Sociology Major Electives), or it can be fulfilled with an American Cultures (AC) course from a different department.

3) Students are required to take at least 6 units of upper division (courses numbered 100-199) units outside of their major. 

4) Minimum of 120 Units required to graduate (includes up to 70 units transferred from a California community college and the units to be completed from UCB).


Common questions about schedule planning:

1) Is there a specific time or day that I can start enrolling?

Yes, when you log into your Cal Central account, select the My Academics tab.  You will see a column that says "Class Enrollment" where you can select the Fall 2024 tab. Here you will see the "Start" and "End" dates for enrollment as well as a link/button to the "Enrollment Center."    https://registrar.berkeley.edu/registration/enrollment/


2) How many units do I need to enroll in to be considered full time?

The College of Letters and Science requires that every student be enrolled in 13 units to be considered full time. Students are eligible for a reduced course load if they are parents, registered through the Disabled Students Program, work or have other approved reasons. Please note that if you take a reduced course load, your financial aid may be affected, and it is best to consult with an adviser at Cal Student Central for financial aid questions.


3) I need just one more unit to be considered full time. Where do I find one more unit?

*Berkeley Connect 

*Education 198- Transitioning to Cal: An Introduction to the Research University 

*DeCal Program--DeCals are uploaded as they are approved. .


4) In the sample schedules,  you recommended courses outside of the Department of Sociology. Why? How do I pick which course to take? Will I get into courses outside of Sociology?

The College of Letters and Science requires that you complete a minimum of 6 units, that are upper division (courses numbered 100-199) outside of your declared major. This is a great opportunity to explore different majors, different departments, different perspectives, to meet students in other departments, etc. You should pick courses that are interesting to you and that you can enroll in. There are some departments in which it is harder to enroll in their courses because the major is impacted or the course has restricted seats. However, there are plenty of incredibly interesting and amazing courses that will allow any student from any major to enroll. Please note that DeCals can count towards this requirement. 


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