Andrew Treno (1976)

Research Scientist, Prevention Research Center, Berkeley

Andrew J. Treno is a Research Scientist at the Prevention Research Center in Berkeley, CA, a National Alcohol Research Center. He has worked in the area of environmental prevention for the past 12 years. During that period he has worked on two major projects, the Community Trials Project (Harold D. Holder, Principal Investigator) and the Sacramento Neighborhood Alcohol Prevention Project, a project designed to reduce alcohol access, drinking, and related problems in two low income largely minority neighborhoods in Sacramento, California (Paul J. Gruenewald, Principal Investigator). As a member of the research team on the Community Trials Project he assumed responsibility for the evaluation of community mobilization and media advocacy and developed a surrogate measure for alcohol involved injury. He currently serves as project director on the SNAPP project and maintains management, budgetary, and scientific responsibility for the daily conduct of the project. Additionally, he has served as Project Director on a project funded by the National Institutes of Health investigating the effects of Alcohol Advertising on Youth (Joel Grube, Principal Investigator), which has involved conducting both focus groups and self-administered questionnaires in school settings and has published using those data. His c.v. lists over 35 publications primarily in the areas of environmental interventions, community evaluation, and alcohol-involvement in injury.

Dissertation Title
Primitivism as Social Fact: The Cult of Nature in Contemporary America
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