I came to graduate school at Berkeley late, in October 1970. I arrived from France, on election day 1964, to work as a researcher in David Apter's Politics of Modernization project. I had never thought I would stay in the United States, but marriage decided otherwise. In the meantime, I had also written two books on Latin America, and taught for two years at San Francisco State. When it appeared that I could exchange my 'F' visa for a green card (and it was not easy!), I applied to Berkeley.

I am Professor of Sociology at Bucknell University and I've been here since 1982. Before that I taught at Yale in the Institution for Social and Policy Studies and in sociology and before that at Richmond College-CUNY. I also completed post-doctoral study in Education at the University of Chicago. My early research involved issues in educational policy with a focus on special education. At Yale I was one of the founding members of the Program on Nonprofit Organizations and most of my research for the last twenty years has involved nonprofits, especially community-based organizations.