Daniel Finnegan (1973)

The Berkeley Sociology Department gave me the freedom to do almost anything I wanted. I wrote my dissertation on the history of physics, studied statistics and the philosophy of science, and ignored mainstream sociology. After graduation I pursued a career as a statistician with minimal links to sociology. I have directed over 250 research projects with total budgets of over a $100 million.
After completing my PhD I moved to Washington D.C. and served as director of statistical services for the US Treasury and as a senior advisor to the Office of the President. 
In 1985 I returned to the Bay Area and founded Quality Planning Corporation. Quality Planning provides risk assessment services to the insurance industry. I took a leave from Quality Planning in 1989 to serve on the US Senate staff assisting with passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act. 
I have conducted a wide variety of major disability rights related studies for the Senate, the Office for Civil Rights, Department of Labor, National Science Foundation, and the Department of Health and Human Services. Collectively these studies have helped advanced this important movement. I have developed cost management and fraud control systems for the Department of Treasury, Medicare, Medicaid, the Department of Education, Social Security and numerous insurance companies.  These systems have produced audited savings of many billions of dollars.
In 2008 I sold Quality Planning and retired to Provence and New York City.
Showing true diversity, the Berkeley Sociology Department even produced a capitalist.
Dissertation Title
Social Foundations of Classical Physics